Courage to Grow

Courage to Grow

Here in the desert, winter is still and crisp. If we slip out of our cozy fur-lined sandals (yes we own those) and walk barefoot in the sand for just a moment we get a small taste of the inhospitable environment that our beloved desert plants thrive in, even during the coldest months. And look how they flourish!

Is there anything more inspiring than desert plants? Now hear us out. We have so much to learn about having the courage for growth from our darling desert flora friends. They dig their roots down as deep as they can, even down and into hard surfaces or loose sand that could wash away any moment. But they have the courage to dig in and they grow strong and resilient.

Good Medicine Skincare Winter Wildcrafting Ingredients

As we walk through the chill desert and wonder at the plants we harvest to make our small-batch, healing products, we are struck by their courage to grow in the most hostile of environments. And we try to draw from some of their courage. Maybe we can take some into ourselves, maybe they are willing to share a little. And maybe we can be more courageous and willing to grow and dig our roots deep even when we know a good rain storm could wash us away before our roots have a chance to grow deep enough. Because if we aren't willing to risk getting washed away then we will never have the opportunity to see if we could have flourished in that spot. If we could have grown strong in the desert and been an inspiration to others who look around a cold, wintertime desert and wonder how we are living and growing so well. And maybe because they see us growing there, they decide maybe they could flourish too. 

We wrap our blanket around us a little tighter and walk deeper into the desert.