Electric Sky + Clarity an Intuitive Blend

Electric Sky + Clarity an Intuitive Blend

All of Good Medicine formulas are created with blending in mind. Instead of making way too many products, we make a handful of expertly formulated powerhouse products that can be combined to fit your changing needs. It's genius really. 

Intuitive blending is the practice of being in touch with and listening to your skin, it will tell you what it needs. And when you learn about our products and practice using and blending them, you begin to become a master formulator yourself.

Clarity + Electric Sky

One of our favorite blends is Clarity + Electric Sky. They blend together seamlessly to create a heavier, more moisturizing, and healing, day or night cream. Add just one drop, or several, to create a moisturizer that's just right for you.

While Electric Sky is a customer favorite and even has a bit of a cult following,  some of our customers feel like the scent of ozone (activated oxygen) is a little strong. Blending Electric Sky with Clarity diminishes the scent and you still get all the amazing benefits! This glorious blend will also result in a gorgeous, glowing complexion... that youthful, dewy look we are all after.

This short video explains the benefits for your skin...

Other ways to blend Clarity

Clarity + Ashes for an intensely moisturizing face mask.
Clarity + Electric Sky for a healing and deeply moisturizing day or night cream.
Clarity + Honey Dew for a lighter, age defying day cream.
Clarity + Rain for a light, yet super hydrating night cream.

Other ways to blend Electric Sky

Electric Sky + Honey Dew for a very light moisturizer, ideal for humid climates.
Electric Sky + Starry Eyes for a restorative eye cream.
Electric Sky + Rain to prevent and clear breakouts.

Feel free. Feel beautiful.

With love from the desert wilds. XOXO