Face Rolling: Fact or Fiction?

Face Rolling: Fact or Fiction?

You might have already seen a face roller. They are a popular lymphatic massage tool for modern skin healthcare and benefits. As the trend keeps growing, there are various speculations as to what pros and cons face rolling offers.

Nowadays, many people use face rollers and are inspiring others to do the same. Face rollers typically comprise rose quartz or jade crystal rollers that attach onto a swift roller handle for convenient use. As there are varying claims regarding the major skin benefits, we should learn what is true and what isn't. 

Key Benefits of Face Rollers

Here are some facts that show the main benefits that face rolling offers (not fiction). Some of these benefits include reducing pressure and anxiety, while others contribute to healthy skin. Just like a massage can relax the body, face rolling tends to relax the face. Here are some benefits.

  • Face rolling soothes skin as the jade stones are a naturally cool crystal. Such cool and soothing effect of the face rollers quickly de-puff your skin and even tighten pores for giving you flawless skin. Sometimes, people store their face roller in the refrigerator for a cool effect.
  • Commonly, a moisturizer or oil is necessary to help the face roller move across your skin. However, gently scrolling the roller on your skin helps use the skincare products more conveniently.
  • By improving lymphatic drainage under the skin, face rollers can improve the puffiness on your skin, especially under-eye skin bags.
  • Face rollers work gently over the skin by pressing over the blood vessels and facial muscles. This stimulates and enhances the blood flow to the face. Hence, the results can make your skin appear more firm and bright.
  • Notably, using a face roller over a stuffy nose can help clear out stuffy sinuses in the early stages.

Myths Regarding Face Rollers

Here are some of the myths and concerns regarding face rollers. These are not facts but fiction that many still believe are valid. 

Some people believe that face rollers are beneficial because many different types of crystals have varying health benefits. Some crystals offer additional benefits from others which improve overall health. However, this isn’t true.

Also, some people think that face rolling can help you get a slimmer face. Regardless, there isn't any research or evidence that supports that the face rollers can reduce fatty deposits in the skin or contribute to weight loss.


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