Soaking It All In: Forest Bathing 101

Soaking It All In: Forest Bathing 101

There’s nothing we love more than getting outside to harvest. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with and thank Mother Nature for providing us an array of healing herbs that grow plentifully here in our Southern Utah desert home. We love feeling the sun on our skin as we take only what we need, deepening our understanding of the elemental origins of Good Medicine.

It’s amazing how Mother Nature isn’t just a medicinal healer, but a psychological healer as well.

Shinrin-yoku (森林浴), which literally means forest bathing, originated in Japan in the early 1980s and is a form of nature therapy. Forest bathing is a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world and has been proven to reduce  stress, improve immunity, lower blood pressure and speed up recovery from illness or trauma.

Physical and mental perks aside, the practice of forest bathing also strengthens our ever-meaningful connection to the earth. 

Want to give forest bathing a try? Here are some tips:

Leave electronics behind

The notifications will still be there when you get back. Device-free forest bathing is super effective and allows you to really be present (and limit distractions). 

Engage your senses

Forest bathing is essentially a mindfulness practice, so try engaging each of your senses. Put worries about the past or future away for now, and try being fully present in the moment. Focus on soaking in the atmosphere through your senses.

Take your time

There is no need to rush anywhere. Try walking slowly, paying attention to how each step feels. Stop whenever you feel like it. There is no rush, the only goal is to be there, in the moment.

Try indoor forest bathing

On days where hugging trees and walking barefoot through the woods isn't within reach, HOLY WILD Deep Forest Body Oil is the next best thing. It's a self-care essential formulated specifically to give you a similar sensory experience and will have you communing with forest fairies in no time.

As we lovingly harvest healing plants to go in Good Medicine formulas, we love taking a moment to close our eyes, and take in all of the sensations and calming energy Mother Nature provides. 

Holy Wild Deep Forest Body Oil