Healing with Every Little Thing Balm

We're with you. As we wash our hands more frequently, we are bound to experience some dryness and perhaps irritation. That's why it is so vital to care for and treat your skin, especially when you are washing your hands often and stripping them of their natural oils. If your hands get get dry enough they crack, which can increase risk of infection. That's where the earth magic of Every Little Thing Balm comes in. We have created this miracle balm using 17 pure essential oils, Bentonite Clay, and cocoa butter. You will feel relief and nourishment immediately. 

A few more ways we love to use Every Little Thing Balm:
  • Foot treatment -  it was actually born as a foot balm and it is extremely effective when used in conjunction with reflexology. Apply generously before bed and then put on some cozy socks.
  • Relief for dry nose - with the change of season, people often experience dryness in their nostrils. Here at the lab, we like to put a little dab up there to soothe the discomfort. But we're always very careful not to get it near our eyes.
  • Soothing red or irritated patches - when you have a patch of skin that is extra dry or irritated, Every Little Thing Balm can help by penetrating deep to repair your precious skin. 

So please, take care of yourself and your precious hands. Lather them with earth magic and then hold them in front of your face and inhale deeply the healing scent of peppermint, camphor, lavender, tea tree, lemon, ginger, juniper berry, rosemary, cinnamon, wintergreen, eucalyptus, black pepper, clove bud, birch, arnica, and galbanum. 

Wild created with love.