What to do about Hyperpigmentation

What to do about Hyperpigmentation

Maybe it's just me, but as I age I am experiencing more and more issues with discoloration and even hyperpigmentation. I'm talking about stuff like melasma (aka pregnancy mask) and sun/age spots, no fun. I remember the time my husband tried to wipe something off my upper lip only to discover it was indeed hyperpigmentation and wasn't going anywhere. Thanks honey.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition and affects all skin types and colors. Hyperpigmentation is basically just an uneven distribution of melanin. The more melanin that naturally occurs in your skin, the more prone you are to hyperpigmentation. It should be noted, we're not talking about adorable freckles, we're talking about the mustache that isn't, the discoloration around the hairline or where skin naturally folds. Please... keep the adorable freckles. Hyperpigmentation, or what you sometimes hear referred to as "uneven skin tone," is affected by sun exposure or picking at acne, spots or scars.


If you're reading this and you can't relate... prevention is key. I certainly wish I would have known what to do to prevent it. Like mom used to always say... it's easier to avoid something than it is to fix it. Using Honey Dew daily is a fantastic preventative measure for avoiding this common skin issue in the first place.

Of course, you should avoid excess sun exposure and we all know we're not supposed to pick... but what else can you do? Well, I will tell you what works for me and for so many happy customers. I started using Honey dew Youth Nectar daily as well as in some more intensive rituals. I love the results! Honestly, I used to have to wear foundation to make my skin tone appear even, now I don't wear any foundation at all.

Honey Dew Daily

Morning and night I use Honey Dew. I really like mixing it with Electric Sky Universal Elixir. All Good Medicine products are formulated to be blended. But about half the time I use it on its own. I just follow my intuition. You will be surprised how much you know about your own skin when you take a moment to get in touch with it. Remember to tap it into your skin to give the powerful ingredients the best chance to fully absorb into the skin and create change.

Honey Dew Spot Treatment

When you experience hyperpigmentation, you might be anxious to get quicker results and want to do more intensive treatment. That's when I used a spot treatment. Here's how you do it. Mix Honey Dew with Ashes and a little bit of water. The texture of the mixture should be smooth. Apply directly to the hyper-pigmented spot and allow for it to sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Honey Dew Mask

This is one of my favorite masks of all time! I love it for treating hyperpigmentation but it is also very hydrating, bonus! It's simple and effective... blend Honey Dew, Ashes, and Clarity. The texture of the mixture should be the texture of a facial mask (add a little water if needed). Apply to you skin and allow to sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Many customers report a noticeable difference in their skin tone after just a couple weeks of using Honey Dew. But keep in mind, as with most of our products, it has a cumulative affect. So the more you use it the more effective it becomes. That's good news!

Sending you love from the desert wilds. XOXO