How to Deal With Bad Skin Days

How to Deal With Bad Skin Days

We have all had them. Bad skincare days… just happen sometimes. It can be incredibly frustrating on days that you have plans or days that require loads of photographs. Thankfully, dealing with bad skincare days has come a long way from where it started. Now, we have loads of products to help with small acne breakouts, loads of options for reducing inflammation, and we have many of them right here at Good Medicine Beauty Lab!

If you’re not feeling the best about your skin, there are several options to improving your symptoms so that they don’t feel overwhelming. 

First, use products that help reduce inflammation and redness. We have a few that can help instantly revitalize your skin including our Honey Dew Youth Nectar to soothe and reduce acne flare ups. Or our Breeze Revival Mist (it’s right there in the name!) which will clear away harmful toxins, reduce inflammation, and help to soften your skin.

Second, use a coverup product if you need to. But remember, concealers and foundations can often clog pores. When you are ready to remove the makeup, use a gentle cleanser like our Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser to clear away excess oil & makeup, while also helping to clear away acne and heal rough patches. So, use makeup sparingly and then cleanse thoroughly.

Lastly, use ice. If your bad skincare day includes red, painful flare ups, then an ice cube or a frozen cucumber (sliced and peeled) can help soothe itchiness and redness instantly. Even cold ice packs can be helpful! Just be sure that any object you place on your face is sanitary and smooth or soft to the touch.

Always remember to be kind to yourself. Our bodies are beautiful, powerful machines that deserve to be nurtured and loved. Even on our bad days, some simple choices can make huge improvements!
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