How To Survive All Your Adventures

How To Survive All Your Adventures

One of our favorite ways to stay grounded and connect with the earth is by getting outside for some adventure.

Joyful movement is a cornerstone of embracing wellness as a lifestyle, and it’s always more fun to sprinkle in some outdoor exploration in the process. Sometimes this means paddleboarding. Sometimes it means getting a little lost in a slot canyon. And sometimes it means wandering aimlessly through the desert we are so lucky to call home.

And because we can’t help but answer the call of the wilderness, it means we sometimes come away with scrapes, windblown skin, bug bites, and sore muscles.

Post-adventure recovery

As fun as getting outside and dirty can be, we love the return to home just as much. The place where you can clean the dirt off your boots, take a shower, and rejuvenate after being in the elements.

This brings us to our two favorite Good Medicine products to restore and treat your skin and muscles after a romp in the wild...

Muscle Balm Pain Relief Formula

Muscle Balm

Healing and deep penetrating warmth, like the desert sun. This miraculous topical remedy is formulated to dilate the peripheral blood vessels increasing circulation. The increased blood flow speeds up the body's natural healing processes. The active ingredients and essential oils provide powerful, long-lasting pain relief and eases discomfort due to aching joints and tired, knotted muscles.

Relax and surrender to the warm sensation, followed by a refreshing coolness. Play hard, then surrender and allow Muscle Balm to heal your aching body and ignite your soul.

  • Sinus congestion (topical)
  • Chest congestion (topical)
  • Shoulder & neck tension
  • Aching joints & muscles
  • Tired aching feet
  • Muscle cramps or spasms
  • Muscle & joint inflammation
  • Tension headaches
  • Body stress
  • Nausea

“Muscle balm gives relief to tired, achy, tight muscles. I haven't used many muscle balms but this is cooling and I like that it is natural.”

Every Little Thing Balm

The desert holds many healing secrets. We've lovingly extracted many of them to create this dynamic, healing balm. Use it anywhere, any time to heal dry, cracked skin, and restore moisture.

It works miracles when it comes to relieving painful, dry patches. Apply as needed to transform and heal your precious skin. Allow the intense healing ingredients including, lavender, tea tree, and juniper berry, to penetrate and repair your skin.

  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Inflamed areas
  • Painful red areas
  • Rough patches
  • Chapped lips & Skin

"Acne, bug bites, cuts, scrapes, you name it, this should calm it. I use this at any sign of irritation or inflammation, and it works like a charm every time!”

Go out. Embrace the wild. Dive soul-first into the adventure of life. And know that you can always have some Good Medicine waiting when you return home.

Get both of these magical balms in The Weary Traveler Survival Kit

The Weary Traveler Survival Kit

This intense healing kit is the perfect traveling companion when you need to relieve a weary body, mind and soul. Our ultra strength Muscle Balm penetrates deep into joints and muscles bringing sweet solace to your journey. Beautiful earth elements quickly relieve and heal dry, rough, tired, chapped areas bringing renewed harmony. Survive all your adventures!