Cleansing: Mother Nature knows a better way

Cleansing: Mother Nature knows a better way

While “squeaky clean” is an ideal for some things (your pots, countertops & car), the same is not true for the skin on your face. 

In an effort to cleanse our skin, people often resort to harsh cleansers that strip natural oils and disturb the skin’s delicate pH balance, leaving your face lacking moisture, and compensating by producing more oil. Putting your skin through that yo-yo effect is not ideal if your goal is supple, healthy, balanced skin.

Oil cleansing helps return the skin to its natural balance, and I’m not surprised that this topic is taking center stage in the skincare world. Oil cleansing was used by our ancestors tens of thousands of years ago, and is (not surprisingly) still one of the healthiest ways to cleanse your skin.

When I first heard about oil cleansing, I wasn’t sure what to think and had all sorts of concerns. Doesn’t oil clog your pores? Is it really better than just using a cleanser? Does this work for people with oily skin? 

After struggling with the rollercoaster of drying my skin out with cleansers, slapping on moisturizers to compensate, and breaking out when by skin tried making up for lost moisture, I finally decided to give oil cleansing a try. And like so many other people who’ve discovered the balancing magic of oil cleansing, I am a changed woman. 

How does oil cleansing work?

You’ve heard the saying “Like attracts like”. Now just apply the same principle to your skin. 

Throughout the day, our skin produces sebum and accumulates dirt. By massaging a cleansing oil into your face, the “good oil” binds to the natural oils produced by your skin, picking up old makeup and dirt along the way. After working the cleansing oil into your skin, the mixture is gently removed when you rinse it all off, leaving your skin clean, hydrated, and soft. 

Oil cleansing is the ultimate win-win, gently removing surface impurities in the most natural way, while maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance without stripping your skin of moisture. 

Since oil cleansing works in harmony with your body's natural processes, it doesn't matter what mood your skin is experiencing. Hooray for a simplified skincare routine!

How to oil cleanse

I love using my oil cleansing ritual as an opportunity to thank my body and skin for taking care of me and release any worries or stress from the day. 

When to cleanse:

Morning, night or both; it's completely up to you. My favorite time to cleanse is at the end of the day, while I'm watching Netflix or listening to a podcast.

What you’ll need: 

  1. Start by gently coating your entire face and throat area with Rain. 
  2. Using your fingertips, gently massage your skin in soft, circular motions for at least 30 seconds to soften the skin and remove dirt, makeup and pollutants.
  3. The circular motion combined with the warmth of your fingertips creates a heating action to gently encourage pores to open and release waste. 
  4. The longer your oil cleanse/face massage lasts, the more debris your pores will release.
  5. Depending on your preference, use a warm moist washcloth or a soft dry one to remove excess oil. 
  6. Repeat the process if you were wearing makeup.
  7. Leave a light layer of Rain on your skin for moisture retention. 


Embracing oil cleansing completely transformed what I knew about my skin. I understand and appreciate my skin so much more now that I've discovered a routine that works in harmony with my body's natural processes. I hope you fall in love with this ritual as much as I have!