Our Best Selling Products

Our Best Selling Products

We want to share with you our top selling products so that you can see what other customers are buying and what they are loving! The incredible advantage that we have been committed to maintaining at Good Medicine Beauty Lab is that everyone has a product that will work for them. For all skin types, all needs and uses, there is certainly some magic for you specifically that will help your skin glow and radiate happiness, healthiness, and youth!

CLARITY: Clarity Awakening Face Cream is the concentrated, firming, anti-inflammatory superpower cream that your face has been craving! With free-radical fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and all-natural ingredients directly in the formula, this face cream works hard to brighten your complexion, soothe irritation, and protect your delicate facial tissues. It will leave your face with a beautiful matte finish, allowing your skin to bloom like a wild desert rose! 

MUSCLE BALM: Like the desert sun, Muscle Balm heals and deeply penetrates the skin with warmth. The miraculous topical remedy is formulated to dilate the peripheral blood vessels, leading to increased blood circulation in the affected area. In turn, the increased blood flow speeds up the body’s natural healing processes. Making you feel better, faster! With Muscle Balm you can relax, let your aching muscle and joints heal, and get ready for a brand-new day!

RAIN: Rain replenishing Oil Cleanser is the facial cleansing formula that the desert created and wants to send to you. Rain’s restorative formula calls upon ancient wisdom to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin with high-powered, phytonutrient-rich plant energy to combat inflammation, bacteria, and microbes. Ideal for all skin conditions, Rain is a perfect cleanser to rid makeup, grime, and daily pollutants from your skin. Let the “Rain” fall on your face and feel the world-changing freshness! 

STARRY EYES: Packed with vitamins, minerals, humectants, and antioxidants, Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream is a crusader in repairing the skin’s natural defense system. At Good Medicine Beauty Lab we recognize that the skin around the eyes is as delicate as a desert flower. To protect it, we formulated Starry Eyes to boost collagen and protein production, as well as to protect and guard against environmental stress and free radicals. The intense therapy formula provides deep hydration, improved circulation, and increased cell reconstruction all so your most precious facial asset can stay as bright and healthy as ever!

HONEY DEW: Honey Dew Youth Nectar lightly hydrates and noticeably firms, tightens, and strengthens the skin. It’s the go-to product for instant results that you will see and love! Honey Dew acts as a porous mask that creates an all-day shield combating wrinkle-causing free-radical damage. With expertly combined beneficial essential oils and freshly juiced organic super foods, Honey Dew delivers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly to the skin resulting in sustainably healthy skin! We call it “youth nectar” because it provides all of the glowing, youthful results that you need!