Refreshing Summer Tea Recipe

Refreshing Summer Tea Recipe

Need a little refreshment? This lovely Summer tea will leave you feeling calm and cool (especially if you enjoy it iced). This recipe is packed with phytonutrients to improve your overall wellness. It also contains antioxidants. This blend of citrus and mint boosts immunity, facilitates digestion, relaxes the body and mind, and freshens breath. 

What you will need...

Gather the following ingredients to make your tea. If you have a mint plant in your garden or kitchen it's even more lovely, but mint leaves are readily available at most markets. Harvest the leaves, the way we wild harvest from the desert to make Good Medicine products... forgo the use of scissors. Instead, pluck the stems by hand by pinching them with your thumb fingernail and forefinger and don't take too many leaves from the same area of the plant. Thank your plant for providing this delicious treat and let it know you will enjoy it. :)

1 handful of fresh mint leaves

1 TSP of grated orange rinds

32 ounces of boiling water

1 TSP agave nectar

How to prepare your tea...

Use a teapot with an infuser or a French press (like I did). Place the mint and orange rinds in the infuser or press and pour the boiling water over them. Cover and let the tea steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Add agave to taste. Serve hot or iced.

For iced tea, allow the tea to cool in a mason jar until it is room temperature. Add ice and enjoy.

From our desert home to yours. XOXO