Relieve Stress and Feel Your Best!

Relieve Stress and Feel Your Best!

Stress is something we often discuss as we encounter in all places of our lives. Surprisingly, not all stress is bad stress. Much of our stress is categorized as "eustress." Eustress is the kind of stress we experience that instead of hindering a person, it acts as a motivator to get things done, to embrace challenges that cause growth, or to even meet deadlines that we may face in life or at work.

Although that sounds grand and peachy, we do know well that the opposite form of stress, "distress," can be incredibly harmful, uncomfortable, and even debilitating. Distress has proven to be a detrimental part of our health if not managed. As we bring awareness to the negative effects of stress, we also want to be a part of the movement offering solutions to those who may need new ways to destress day-to-day.

Here are our Top 3 Ways to Take Stress Out of Your Day!

1. Create a daily skincare ritual and make time for it!

Although it may not solve every ounce of stress that you may face, studies have shown that taking time to do something for yourself each day can lift your mood and improve your well-being. 

We fully believe in skincare routines because we know that consistent care yields the best results. If you can pin down a routine that feels good, envelopes your mind for a small chunk of time, and that you can stick to, your skin, your body, and your soul will thank you!

If you'd like a place to get started, our Morning and Night Skincare Rituals are laid out in a way that is easy to follow and includes how we use our products ourselves!

2. Spend a moment alone, breathe, and dote on yourself.

We know, life gets busy. Whether you're a parent, a student, a business-owner, or traveling, there is always something keeping you busy. That is why it is important to make time for yourself. Busyness gets stressful and the best way to manage it is to slow down. Each day when you feel like you could use a short break, take one! Take some time alone, practice deep breathing, intentional thinking, and do something that makes you feel good! For us, that's moisturizing.

There is nothing more relaxing than applying a body oil or lotion, feeling enriched and moisturized, and maybe even taking a hot steam shower to give yourself the full spa experience! However you may choose to do it, do it for YOU only, let the stress melt away, and ground yourself.

3. Do something mindless and freeing.

When we move into adulthood, we all go through a unique process of gaining more responsibility, adhering to strict timelines, working to pay bills, and all of the things that go into creating a decent adult livelihood. It can be... stressful!

Sometimes taking the responsibility off of your shoulders and allowing yourself to do something mindless can give your brain, body, and soul a short escape where the stress doesn't have to be your number one priority. Maybe you like to paint, or you can choose to dive into the book you've been meaning to get to. Take a walk and listen to throwback music you loved when you were younger, or find a way to play. Maybe with your kids, maybe your pets, regardless, let your imagination run and do something that takes you back to the youthful, stressless bliss of being a kid!


Go into managing your stress with all of the tools you need!