Restoring & Reviving Your Skin

Restoring & Reviving Your Skin

It happens to the best of us, dull, lackluster skin. This can be especially common during certain times of the year, or the month, for that matter. Perhaps a change of season, or change of location, brings it on. Whatever the reason, there is hope. 

Here at the lab, we have organized our formulas into three groups, 1. RELEASE, 2. RESTORE, 3. RECEIVE. They are all equally important for the optimal health and function of your skin, but sometimes you need to pay a little more attention to one. So if you are in need of some serious restoration, we are here for you...

Like the desert waits for the rain, our restoration formulas are designed to leave the skin absorbent, and ready to receive the healing nutrients of our moisturizers and serums. These enchanted products draw the skin's own moisturizing fluids and natural nutrients outward to dramatically increase the moisture barrier. Now the skin is ready and willing to receive new life through moisture and nourishment.

What do we mean when we say "RESTORE" and how do these formulas help to actually restore your skin? Good Medicine is formulated to nourish your skin and allow it to come back to its ideal, i.e. natural, pH. Your skin wants to be in balance and caring for it with our bioavailable ingredients (your skin recognizes them and knows just what to do with them) paves the way for more beautiful and balanced skin.  


Sometimes people are tempted to skip the tonics and toners. But don't! When you apply Breeze or Purity, you are providing your skin with nourishing botanicals packed with antioxidants that help restore your skin's natural pH, fight bacteria, and regulate sebum production. The antioxidants soothe inflammation so your skin can repair itself. Plus, you are also giving your skin a specially formatted signal that it is time to stop releasing and start preparing to receive nourishment.

Breeze Revival Mist - This toner is formulated for all skin issues besides acne-prone skin. Our wild desert tincture enlivens and prepares your skin by allowing deeper penetration and increased effectiveness of your elixirs and moisturizers.

Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic - Our toner specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. Purity decreases sebum production and reduces infection and inflammation.

Bloom Wild Botanical Skin Tea - Use this loose-leaf tea as a steaming treatment to allow these powerful herbs to penetrate even more deeply. Bloom contains the same botanicals we use to formulate our toners, and many other products as well. When you steam it into your skin, you invite the ingredients to go as deep as possible and work their magic on a whole new level.



Masking is fun... but it can also be therapeutic and amazing for deep cleansing. It unclogs pores and results in glowing, hydrated skin. You will notice a difference in the tone, texture, and hydration of your skin the very first time you use our masks. And when you use consistently over time, your skin will be transformed.

Honey Bee Revelation Mask - Our most popular mask has a cult following, and for good reason. Customers notice a difference after just one time. While it hydrates deeply, it also reduces irritation and clears pores. Honey Bee transforms your skin by purifying and restoring balance, stoping bacterial growth, and acting as a mild alpha-hydroxyl acid to reveal a new layer of gorgeous skin.

Smudge Spirited Detox Mask - You've never tried anything like it. Smudge detoxifies and nourishes your skin at the same time. Packed with vitamins C and A, it won't deplete your skin like other charcoal masks will.


Mixing Sets - Our teak and rose gold mixing sets are more than just pretty. They allow you to connect with your intuition and blend your own, personalized formulas. There is no wrong way. All of our Good Medicine formulas are actually designed to blend seamlessly with one another. With ingredients this pure and this quality, you can't go wrong.

Bee Clear Masking Set - We wanted to make it a little easier on you and offer a set that includes everything you need to mask like a pro. So our masking set includes both our masks, Purity, and a mixing set of your choice. We included Purity because mixing it with Smudge creates an even more powerful detoxifying mask that is especially effective when dealing with acne-prone skin. In fact, all the products can be mixed and matched. You are the formulator. Trust your intuition.

Restoring balance to your skin is important and you will be glad you went to the effort. We love creating these lovely and powerful formulas for you. We send them to you from our desert home with much love. XOXO