Ring in 2022 With a New Year's Resolution!

Ring in 2022 With a New Year's Resolution!

The time of year has come! The New Year holiday is swarming with whispers of new beginnings, new experiences, and ultimately, the hope for a new chapter of life that is better than the last. As we strive to consistently better ourselves, evolve in the world around us, and make positive changes in our lives, we are often met with the worry of not knowing just where to start. The good news: making changes can happen at any time. The even better news: just about everyone is making a change for themselves right now at the start of 2022––meaning, you have a wave of supporters who are trying just as hard to find the things that they want to better for themselves! Right now is the perfect time to start anew! 

Why your New Year’s resolution should focus on your skin: 

It’s easy to neglect our skin because it is a part of us that needs daily care. However, taking good care of your skin on a regular basis can benefit your overall well-being in more ways than you may think! Here are a few main reasons you should have your New Year’s resolution be a new skincare routine: 

  1. Our skincare routines fall within the parameters of self-care. Self-care is vital to maintaining a relationship with ourselves that ensures we are paying attention to our needs, our health, and our mood. 
  2. Studies have shown that consistent routines combat the likeliness of anxiety, depression, and other disorders that greatly affect livelihood. A skincare routine is a perfect way to practice successfully incorporating a structured time period in your day.  
  3. Simply, your skin needs it! As the largest organ of our body, the skin is a powerful protective layer for us that deserves (and needs) to be pampered in order to stay healthy, glowing, and beautiful.  

Resolution ideas to aid in your skin’s health: 

To get started on perfecting your own unique skin routine, we suggest starting with our Skin Quiz. This will help you learn about your skin mood and know what products are best suited for the results you desire. Depending on your skin mood, we have put together several skincare routines that can help you ring in the new year!