Self-love Rituals To Honor Your Body & Get Better Sleep

Self-love Rituals To Honor Your Body & Get Better Sleep

Practice self-care this weekend.

At Good Medicine we honor the beauty of the desert and respect the healing powers of nature. As the seasons change, our body balance fluctuates. We need different things at different times to support health and vitality.

Part of basic self-care is making sure we eat well, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. Sometimes we shortchange our body because of time or even because we aren't completely comfortable with how to take care of it. One way of becoming more aware of our body's needs and seasonal shifts is to pay it more attention, to honor and respect it - just like we do with nature.

Dry winter skin needs to be hydrated from the inside and the outside. A silky, luxurious Body Cream or Body Butter is a lovely way to treat ourselves to well-nourished skin.

A self-love ritual to try:

Place your favorite body cream or body butter next to a candle in a relaxing space.
  • Light the candle, and say: Serenity and love are welcome here. May this cream (or butter) bless me with peace and tranquility.
  • Sit in this sacred space with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, sensing the calm around you.
  • Gently apply the cream to your feet, arms, legs and belly with tender, loving strokes. Pay attention to each curve, expressing your gratitude for the many ways your body serves you each day.

A restful sleep remedy to try:

Getting enough sleep is key to reducing stress, caring for your body, and becoming your most radiant self.

Here are a few simple tips for better sleep.

  • Eat a light supper.
  • Wash your face and remember to moisturize.
  • Take a few moments to reflect on your day, writing in your journal if you like.
  • Unplug. Put your phone away at least 30 minutes to an hour before you turn the lights out (reading paper books engages the brain in a different way and will help you rest).
  • Create a calm bedroom atmosphere. Make sure you have fresh sheets regularly. Tidy surfaces so to organize chaotic clutter.
  • Aromatherapy is a powerful way to use essential oils to help you relax and optimize your sleep.

Dreamcatcher Botanical Perfume works beautifully as a bedtime linen mist. It calms the mind, activates the 6th chakra (dreams and intuition) and gently transports you to dreamland.

To use it, fold back your sheets and covers. Spray the linens with a light mist, but don't overdo it; just let a few sprays settle onto the sheets. Slip into your cozy bed and enjoy the deep calming aroma of frankincense, amber, and myrrh.

Indigo Restoring Body Cream utilizes the dreamcatcher scent profile as well. We love to saturate our whole body in it after a warm bath, before bed.

Spiritual Discovery:

The Sixth Chakra

When well cared for and balanced, the sixth chakra blesses us with intuition and right perception, improved memory, connection to our dreams, and access to our wild imagination. It also helps you to accept others’ beliefs and be open-minded.

In excess it can bring obsession, nightmares, or even delusions.

If lacking balance or poorly attended to, we may experience difficulty in planning for the future, denial of truth, limited imagination, and poor memory and dream recall.

Creating a vision board, working with visual art, keeping a dream journal, and meditating help keep the sixth chakra happy and well balanced.