Taking the waters

Taking the waters

Bathing is a form of relaxation or rest that has been used throughout the ages to restore the body's equilibrium and to accelerate its natural renewal process. Many cultures have held this form of renewal in such high regard that they set aside a part of each day and prepare a special place just for that purpose.

Let us introduce you to a new concept that uses the purest floral essences and by-products of flowering plants, vegetable extracts, and sea minerals as a pleasure pathway or the senses to follow.

Release tension in your body & mind

Our luscious rose-colored bath botanicals combine earth elements in a way that utilizes all the senses to relax and enliven both body and mind. You will find that spending time soaking in them a delightful way to release the tight, tense muscles and troubling thoughts that are so much a part of everyday life. This special bath soak contains non-cultivated, untreated salts extracted from highly mineralized veins native to our red sandstone cliffs – once part of an ancient sea bed. These mineral salts recreate the famous desert spring thermal waters revered for their soothing and rejuvenation virtues.

Make it special

To make bathing even more special, turn on some soft lilting music, light a candle, gather your favorite crystals, and arrange a flower beside your tub or float petals in the water. Then, sprinkle the bath botanicals like fairly dust over the water and watch it magically change color while the fragrance lifts your mind up and away from all anxiety.

As you enter the water, feel it enfold you in its warm embrace. Relax there while the rosy color flows gently around your skin like a softly moving current or a melody so lightly sung that only the deep innermost part of yourself can feel its sweet song dissolving all that is tense and tight into a pool of contentment and pure delight.

Bath Botanicals Natural Bath Bomb

Rosy Glow Time Pink Bath Botanicals

There is an authentic energy that arises when you spend a few moments simply loving yourself. This energy is a rejuvenating, enduring, and fulfilling. All actions of self-care open our hearts to love more deeply and to live in the moment. This is your moment. May these waters enfold you in love.


  • Detox
  • Soften & Rejuvenate Skintone
  • Soothe Aches & Pains
  • Quiet The Mind