Reincarnation Comes In A Jar

Reincarnation Comes In A Jar

Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains by Good Medicine

By now, you've figured out that the last thing you want your skin to be is "squeaky" clean. Thank goodness that concept is a thing of the past - where it belongs! In fact, it's almost as though you can measure the disruption of your skins acid mantle by just how tight and squeaky your face feels. Supporting the natural processes of the skin is the new way to cleanse. Keeping things simple by choosing products that work with the skin rather than disrupting and damaging its precious acid mantle is paramount to maintaining supple, radiant, clear skin.

Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains is a customer favorite and certainly one of the most diverse product in our skincare line. It can be used in so many ways that sometimes we forget to tell you about all of them. Before we do, let's address its primary use – cleansing your beautiful face! Ashes won't disrupt your delicate acid mantle but it WILL plump and brighten the skin, combat blemish causing bacteria, lighten age spots, remineralize the skin and boost collagen production. Ahhhmazing!

How To Blend It Correctly

This versatile little gem can be a bit tricky for the first time user. Keep in mind that a little goes a very long way and that you can always build and add more, but if you use too much it will blend sticky instead of the silky, ultra soft foaming cleanser it's meant to be. 

Start by dusting the palm of your hand with just a pinch of Ashes. Slowly add fresh water, blending with your fingertips, until it becomes a silky compound that easily glides onto the skin. If it feels sticky at all you simply need to add a little more water. If it seems to thin, add a little more Ashes. Have fun with it as you find your preferred consistency. Once you have this down, you can get more creative... Ashes has so many uses it will blow your mind!

How to mix your Ashes Cleansing Grains

Prepare To Feel The Magic!

As Ashes burst and bubble with the freshly added water, a powerful burst of Vitamin C (major antioxidant) is released into the skin creating a warm, tingling sensation. If your skin is extra sensitive or compromised by bacteria or inflammation, this warming sensation can be a little intense. As your skin and acid mantle become healthier, this sensation will decrease, letting you know it has entered into a more balanced, self-sufficient state.


8 uses the diehard Ashes fan will want to know about

1. Power Shampoo

Ashes is the perfect complement to your favorite shampoo. Simply sprinkle it over your shampoo, add water, lather, be amazed, and rinse. Beautiful, healthy hair comes from a vibrant, healthy scalp. Ashes gently exfoliates, clears, and "resets" your scalp allowing luscious, dreamy locks to come through. For a full scalp mineral treatment, let this mixture sit on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing completely.

BEAUTY TIP: This is a great way to keep the scalp stimulated and fresh in between hair and scalp treatments.

2. Happy Scalp Treatment

Looking to revitalize, soften and strengthen your hair? Then you need to check out our Wild Child Hair Rehab Oil. Ashes clears and remineralizes the scalp while Wild Child penetrates deep into the hair and scalp delivering vitamins, minerals and hydration to boot. We know some of you are hesitate to use oil treatments as they can leave your hair feeling weighed-down, but rest assured using Ashes in combination with your shampoo after a Wild Child oil treatment will remove any excess oils, leaving your hair light, shiny and soft!

3. Brightening Face Mask

If you are someone that suffers from acne prone, dry or irritated skin, this is your blend! The Vitamin C in Ashes combines with the natural sugars (honey) in Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask to act as a gentle exfoliator. This blend clears, hydrates and softens your lovely skin. 

Take a about a 1/2 teaspoon of Honey Bee in the palm of your hand and sprinkle the same amount of Ashes on top. You can add a little water to the mixture if you like more movement, or use without. Let this glorious beauty blend rest on your face for up to 2 minutes before rinsing with a warm, moist washcloth. Mmmm... fresh!

4. Gentle Exfoliation

Dead skin cells? No thank you!

This beauty blend effectively rids your skin of unwanted waste, brightening your skin and leaving a rosy glow that lasts all day. Place a dab of Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish in the palm of your hand and sprinkle Ashes on top. Add a little fresh water and rub palms together to create a beautiful foaming compound. Apply to your face and entire body in sweeping, circular motions before rinsing with warm water. This fluffy mixture gently cleans and exfoliates your precious outer coat, giving you a luminous glow - head-to-toe!

Gentle Exfoliation

5. Skin Savior

You are probably already in love with our youth nectar - Honey Dew! So this skincare recipe is going to take your crush to the next level! We're talkin' about strengthening and plumping your skin, diminishing age spot and scaring as well as boosting collagen production in a major way!

Create an amazing alpha hydroxy compound by pumping a quarter size amount of Honey Dew into your hand and cover it with Ashes. Using your fingertips, mix them together before applying to your entire face and neck area with light tapping motions. Let this cocktail rest on your skin a few minutes before washing off with a warm, moist washcloth.

6. Emergency Tooth Paste

Packed your skincare but forgot your toothpaste? In a pinch, Ashes can double as a whitening, foamy toothpaste. Admittedly not the best tasting toothpaste, but it will get the job done and even contains a lot of ingredients that can actually help whiten your teeth. Simply sprinkle your wet toothbrush with Ashes - brush, rinse and smile.

7. Hydrating Face Mask

If your skin is looking a little dull, sad :( and lifeless, give this blend a go! A major boost of minerals, hydration and nourishment is just what the doctor ordered. 

Clarity Awakening Face Cream combines with Ashes to create a wonderful, mousse-like hydrating mask that brightens, heals and rejuvenates the skin. Place a medium sized dab of Clarity in your palm and sprinkle Ashes over the top. Add enough fresh water to this blend to make it feel rich and foamy. Softly pat this luxurious mixture onto your face and neck, letting it sit for 20 minutes or so. Gently wipe it from your skin with a warm, moist washcloth.

8. Foot Bath

Adding a little Ashes to a warm bowl of water can be pure heaven. The potato and milk powder in Ashes are great for softening rough skin and calluses between pedicures. Did we mention the mineral sea salt is wonderful for pulling out toxins and helps with foot odor? You're welcome.