The Connection Between Self-Care and Self-Esteem

The Connection Between Self-Care and Self-Esteem

Every day we wake up with the ability to choose where we will guide our own well-being to. Now, some parts of our overall wellbeing are out of our control, but there are certain aspects that lie perfectly within it. These pieces include our attitudes towards ourselves, the time we set for ourselves, and ultimately our complete relationship we hold with self-care.  

What is self-care? 

Self-care is, well, somewhat self-explanatory. Meaning to literally “give care to” or “care for” oneself, self-care is the ultimate way of making sure you are paying attention to the most important thing in your world: you. You may feel inclined to think of others who you want to care for–maybe a child, a partner, or a friend–but in the end, you can even best take care of others when you have properly taken care of yourself.  

Self-care is in the little things that are integrated into a natural, settled part of your everyday routine. This includes giving your body nutrients through food, exercising enough to feel good, and giving your physical being the treatment that makes you most happy and feel the most beautiful. Literally from your toes to your head, self-care is a full body focused act that treats all parts of your being with the purpose of bettering your life. Bettering your happiness. Bettering yourself. 

How does self-care affect self-esteem? 

Self-esteem is a person’s evaluation or belief in their own self-worth. It affects important parts of life, from building personal relationships to landing that dream job you’ve always wanted. It is the thing that stops us from asking for that raise, or finally making a move on the person we adore. Self-esteem is directly rooted in the extent to which you believe in yourself, and one major key to building self-esteem is learning to love and appreciate all parts of yourself.  

With that understanding, it makes perfect sense that putting in time to care for oneself will lead to loving oneself and self-esteem will rise accordingly. 

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When you put yourself first, your body feels it and your mind does too. It is easy to be proud of ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and to be confident when we put in the effort to treat our souls, our bodies, and our skin how they each deserve to be treated!