The Healing Balms That Actually Remedy Your Symptoms

The Healing Balms That Actually Remedy Your Symptoms

Whether you are an athlete who regularly works (and overworks) their body, or you suffer from chronic pain, it’s likely you’ve researched the best treatment options that will soothe your discomfort. Even the occasional ache from sitting in a desk chair too long, or working a long day on your feet is reason enough to have a pain reliever on hand for instant relief. We’d like to introduce you to… our healing balms that will actually relieve your symptoms.


The carefully chosen essential oils, botanicals, and earth elements used in our healing balms have a powerful synergistic effect. Like most things in nature, the harmonious blending of multiple healing agents working together create amazing super remedies. Each conscious blend imparts both physiological benefits and emotional psychospiritual experiences. This powerful dual function allows them the ability to affect both the body and the mind simultaneously. Our balms quickly unravel aches and pains while comforting the mind and lifting the soul. By penetrating deep into your skin and tissues, these healing balms will relieve discomfort, heal damaged tissue, and calm achy joints and muscles. Use them head-to-toe and feel a renewed lightness of step and movement.

The Pain Reliever - Muscle Balm

Muscle Balm is an ultra strength formula that we make by hand in the Good Medicine Beauty Lab. Containing 18 inflammation and pain-relieving oils, Muscle Balm is a miraculous topical remedy that has been formulated to provide long-lasting, powerful pain relief from a natural approach. Muscle Balm works by dilating the peripheral blood vessels in your skin and increasing your circulation. The increased blood flow speeds up the body's natural healing processes by drawing fresh blood (and oxygen-rich red blood cells) to the source of pain or inflammation. These active ingredients and essential oils ease discomfort due to aching joints and tired, knotted muscles, allowing you to relax when your body needs to. Simply surrender to the warm sensation, enjoy the following refreshing coolness, and allow Muscle Balm to ignite your soul.

**Looking for something you can use on-the-go? We have condensed the Muscle Balm formula into a roller-ball applicator (by adding a sweet almond oil) to allow portable relief. We call it Muscle Joy and it can easily be kept in your purse, your work desk, or your nightstand to use any time you need relief!

Muscle Balm will calm your entire body and soul, allowing you to feel better instantly. It is perfect for post-workout soreness, and can also relieve symptoms of a cold (such as sinus congestion, tension headaches, and aching joints). 

The Moisturizing Healer - Every Little Thing Balm

Every Little Thing Balm is a healing balm that we’ve lovingly created from the desert resources. Every Little Thing Balm can be used anywhere, any time to heal dry, cracked skin, and restore moisture. It works miracles when it comes to relieving painful, dry patches and it can instantly soothe inflamed, red areas that need tender care and boost them back to health. Think of it as your first line of defense when treating all of your skin issues. 

A favorite on chapped lips and dry knuckles, Every Little Thing Balm is handcrafted with rich ingredients like wild desert clay, avocado oil, mango butter, raw beeswax, and more. 

Allow these intense healing ingredients to penetrate and repair your skin. 

For Maximum Healing Powers

If you’re interested in trying both of our healing balms, consider The Weary Traveler/Survival Kit to get both products in your hands. 


Treat your body how it deserves to be treated!