The Summer Solstice Breakfast of Your Dreams!

The Summer Solstice Breakfast of Your Dreams!

Summertime is here!

What a year it has been and what a year it will continue to be. This season we are dedicated to taking care of your skin each and every sunny step of the way. On your grandest adventures, on your early morning hikes, and on your cozy movie nights in, we are here to keep your skin clear and glowing for the oncoming stretch of warm rays!

This summer solstice we are celebrating with delicious recipes and one of our favorite products: Honey Dew Youth Nectar. When we make Honey Dew, we use organic, handpicked ingredients that are fresh and fulfilling for your skin. These ingredients include grapefruit, cucumber, lime, potato, olive oil, and more. After our handmade batches are complete, we often have leftover fruits and veggies to put to good use. We took those ingredients, played around, and have perfected a deliciously sweet treat: Meet the Honey Dew Smoothie!

Honey Dew Smoothie
4 Cucumbers
1/4 c. Lime Juice
1/4 c. Grapefruit Juice
4 tbsp. Honey
2 c. Ice
Preparation: Be sure to peel and dice the cucumbers, then add all ingredients into a blender, mix, and enjoy! This simple smoothie recipe is great for a quick refresher, perfect as a morning breakfast cleanse, or it can even satisfy a sweet tooth craving on a hot summer day. _______________________
We have found that it pairs exquisitely with another dish we love to make, our Rose Petal Toast. Combining to make the perfect Summer Solstice Breakfast, making these two options will never let you down!
Rose Toast
Thin-Sliced Bread
Almond Butter
Honey Drizzle
Rose Petals (Edible)
Preparation: For a light, hearty toast we use an organic sprouted multigrain, thin-sliced bread (though any bread works!) then we start by toasting it to our liking. After, spread almond butter on the bread (amount to taste), drizzle honey across, then finish it off with gently laid, fresh rose petals! 
**Be aware that not all rose petals are edible. Roses at traditional grocery stores are often treated with herbicides and pesticides and are not suitable for consumption. However, healthy petals can be found at speciality food stores, or right in your very own garden!

Be sure to order our Honey Dew Youth Nectar now so that your summer can be completed with natural, gorgeous skin. Keep the powerful sun from drying out your delicate skin with Honey Dew's combative, super hydrating formula.

We hope these recipes fill your tummies and bring you cheer!


Happy Summer!