This Shower Treatment Will Make You Feel Brand New

This Shower Treatment Will Make You Feel Brand New

It is time to treat your body to a luxurious shower treatment.The following shower treatment is the kind that leaves you feeling rebirthed––as though you are a small hatchling emerging from a cocoon of dead skin and grime, transforming into a supple, smooth butterfly in just minutes! Let us walk you through the transformative treatment your skincare routine has been missing.

Step 1 - Get Your Washcloth

It is important that you use a washcloth that is soft, and will treat your skin delicately. We suggest our Softest Bamboo Washcloth, made of clean, eco-friendly viscose-from-bamboo fabric that naturally repels odors and allergens. It is the perfect cloth for a shower treatment because it is naturally moisture-wicking (letting you avoid mildewy odors or mold in the future) and the natural bamboo fibers whisk away daily dirt and pollutants with gentle swipes. Fun fact: Bamboo is the most eco-friendly resource on the planet because of its speedy regeneration. Opting for a bamboo material helps to save trees!

Step 2 - Wet Washcloth & Apply Product

Thoroughly wet your washcloth with warm water and lay the cloth out flat. Apply the following to the center of the cloth:

Step 3 - Scrub & Shower Off

After you’ve applied your product, fold your washcloth and combine the products together. Add more water, if needed, to reach your desired consistency. Open the cloth up after combining ingredients and before stepping into the shower, rub the mixture all over your body in circular motions, starting with your arms. Once you have used the mixture, step into your shower and rinse the product off.


And VOILA! Your skin will glow with a baby-silk finish and your soul will float in the heavenly scents the treatment creates. We suggest doing this shower treatment at least once a month. Allow it to detox your skin, fuel your self-love, and enjoy the spa experience in your own home!


Say Hello to your new skin!