Tips on How to Repurpose Our Bottles & Containers

Tips on How to Repurpose Our Bottles & Containers

At Good Medicine Beauty Lab we believe in using from the Earth in a sustainable fashion. We take extra steps to ensure we use what we take and give back to the beautiful home we are lucky enough to inhabit. One great way to contribute less to waste is by reusing items for as long as you can. This will help keep trash from reaching landfills and can even make your life much easier!

Many of our products come in containers that are reusable. Throughout our product line, we have come up with unique ways to reuse our jars and bottles so that we can help you waste less. Here are some of our favorite ideas: 

1.   The Minimalist's Planter

Pictured: Indigo Restoring Body Cream container as a succulent pot.

2.   Tidy Office Supplies

Pictured: Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish container as a pen holder.

Pictured: Clarity Awakening Face Cream container as a paper clip cup.

3.   For the Cotton (swabs or pads)

Pictured: Radiance Enlivening Body Cream container as a cotton swab holder.

4.   The Candle Lover's Holder

Pictured: Good Medicine Beauty Lab jar with label stripped and used as a candle holder. (The glass tint makes for a gorgeous glow!)

5.   The DIY Spray-All

Pictured: Breeze Revival Mist spray bottle and an essential oil (EO). (Simply reuse the empty bottle to make your own EO mixture that can be used as a bug repellant, room spray, soothing mist, and even a furniture refresher!)

We are all in this together!