Tomato Benefits in Skincare

When we create our formulas, we value above all else the ingredients we put in them. That's why each and every product we offer is handmade, ethically sourced, and created with powerful, gentle, rich nutrients that we have studied and used for decades.
In always regarding transparency about our products as one of our core values, we thought it would be helpful to occasionally highlight a specific ingredient you may see on your bottles! This time we want to focus on tomato. Specifically, why we use it and why it should bring a smile to your face when you see it listed!

Why We Use Tomato:
  • Tomatoes contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Tomatoes contain B vitamins, helping to even skin tone and reduce signs of aging.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, an anticancer aid that may help provide defense against skin cancer.
  • Lycopene has also indicated a protection against UV radiation and can help prevent sun damage to the skin.
  • Tomato soothes inflammation because of several anti-inflammatory compounds within it including; lycopene, beta carotene, lutein, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
  • Enzymes in tomatoes help to clear away dead skin cells.
  • When tomato is used regularly on the skin, it helps to get rid of blackheads by gradually decreasing pore size.

Tomatoes offer more superpowers than those listed. But, those benefits alone are reason enough to want to get tomatoes on your skin, ASAP!  
We have tried to make that step easy for you by including tomato in one of our most popular products, Smudge Spirited Detox Mask. Smudge is an activated charcoal mask that leaves your face feeling refreshed, renewed, and filled with nutrients. It can be magically combined with Purity Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic to help treat overly oily or acne-prone skin conditions. Smudge can also be mixed with Honey Bee Revelation Mask to cleanse acne-prone, sensitive, and dry skin conditions. 

We always encourage experimenting with our formulas to find the mixtures that are perfect for you. Many of our own intuitive beauty blend recommendations can be found on our website's product pages, as well as our blog! We suggest getting an Intuitive Blending Set and getting started!