What is intuitive skincare?

What is intuitive skincare?

Intuitive skincare is a new concept for some. But for many people, taking a slow, thoughtful approach to caring for their skin’s individual needs is second nature. The idea of abandoning skincare protocols in the pursuit of following your intuition may be radical and even scary – but we are here to encourage and guide you on this joyful journey.

The skincare industry is booming – and for good reason. Skincare issues including acne, rashes, inflammation, and signs of pre-mature aging are on the rise and people are desperate for answers. We’ve all experienced a frustrating skin issue in our life and know that finding something to help can be an endless cycle. Often times we look to things we know are “unhealthy” to give us some relief. So many of these products are temporary band-aids, harsh and lifeless, not long-term solutions for real healing. We know that skin issues can be very confronting emotionally and can be a slippery slope for our self-esteem.

In the wake of chemicals that often do more harm than good, many clean, non-toxic skincare formulas have entered the scene offering better, more lasting results that are healthier for you, your skin, and the planet. We celebrate this movement and are honored to meet the challenge of real, ground-breaking formulations! The majority of skincare companies offer a strict protocol to be effective and can overwhelm the user with a complex skincare regimen. Good Medicine Intuitive Skincare on the other hand, releases you from one-size-fits-all routines and encourages the user to really get to know what their individual skin craves, what types of ingredients it loves, and allows for changes whenever needed. Our formulas are a collection of more than 30 years of research, experimentation, therapies, processes, and ways of thinking as applied to mind, body, and soul. They’ve shaped our company and they’ve shaped us.

The truth is that glowing, happy skin is the result of a whole body system. Learning to trust your inner voice is an empowering way to take control of the results you can achieve. This can be challenging. For most people, there’s a lot to unlearn before you can trust your own instincts. Intuitive skincare is here to set you free – free to feel and express your natural beauty in all of its facets. You will find that Good Medicine formulas may shock your stagnated senses, drenching them in natural goodness and powerful plant medicine. They are lively, they are real, and you will feel it. If we pay closer attention to our inner life – to our thoughts and emotions, to feeding our soul, and taking care of our body – then we can align our internal and external worlds, becoming more whole in the process. Our internal landscape is reflected back to us externally. If we are seeing things in the mirror that don’t feel right, then we know we have work to do.

You’re the only expert on your skin. Only you know how your skin feels. As you slow down and take time to listen you will start to question things and ask yourself, ‘Does this really feel good on my skin? Does my skin react in a positive way? Does my skin look soft and nourished?’ Is my skin acting differently today? Does my skin feel moody? What factors (stress, diet, exercise, hormones) may have contributed to my skin’s current mood?’. You will get really good at asking and answering your own questions. What’s more, you will become confident in making changes that support your current needs.

We offer 3 simple steps as a framework from which to begin your intuitive skincare journey.

In order to awaken your skin's natural processes, we have broken our line into three simple steps. They are simply a guide, and are in no way meant to be a rigid prescription. Our formulas do offer instructional guidelines for individual use. However, you are free to use any of them as you choose. Each is whole and complete when applied on it’s own, but when blended together becomes your magical creation.

Step 1: Release

Our cleansing and exfoliating formulas have a gentle, yet deep cleansing action designed to increase the metabolic rate of your skin's cells and eliminate dead skin build up, bacteria and environmental pollution. When the skin is reactive, inflamed or compromised by bacteria, pollutants, dirt, hormone imbalance or an autoimmune response, it is not able to properly receive the benefits of your formulations. Look in the mirror before you begin your cleansing ritual. Touch your skin, move your facial muscles, ask your skin ‘What are you thirsty for in this very moment?’.

Step 2: Restore

After cleansing, your skin is in an excited state from removing and releasing. Once the skin has been cleansed, we then need to signal it to stop "releasing" and prepare it to "receive". This is where you set the stage for proper absorption of your serums and moisturizers. Calm and soothe the skin using your tonics and toners BEFORE asking it to receive nourishment and supplementation.

Our restoration products have a strong drawing effect with an inherent hydraulic action that removes any residue left behind during the cleansing process. They draw the skin’s own moisturizing fluids and natural nutrients outward to replenish the surface, dramatically increasing its moisture barrier, leaving the skin absorbent and able to accept the healing nutrients of repair and rejuvenation.

Step 3: Receive

We've created moisturizers to repair, lubricate and protect the skin’s surface with light, porous regenerating moisture. They activate the skin’s natural resources to work more efficiently and proactively. Each enlivened formula is designed to brighten and strengthen skin tone leaving the skin bright, clear and firm. These wild desert formulas not only support the skin's natural rhythms but also form a protective shield to guard against cellular damage.


Ultimately, intuitive skincare is a way to make sure your skincare needs are being met. It’s a personal process of honoring your skin by listening and responding to the direct messages it is sending you. What separates intuitive skincare from traditional skincare is that it’s 100 percent flexible – it can and will look different for everyone. No one needs the exact same formulas every day because no two days are exactly the same.

Besides, skincare is about more than physical appearance. You’re overall health (emotional and psychological) comes through in your skin, your smile and your eyes. Taking care of the whole, doing what works best for YOU, and honoring life-changes will give you the results that are important to you.

Principles of Intuitive Skincare

1. Reject the one-size-fits-all mentality.

Throw out the products in your bathroom that have not served you.

2. Honor your skin.

Feed your skin with the things it loves, both internally and externally.

3. Respect your inner voice.

Quiet your inner critic and practice listening to the calm, honest voice within.

4. Challenge the skin police.

Stop reading every instagram post from people that are not experts. Advice from a self-proclaimed beauty blogger can be super cute and informative but may not be right for you. You are the only expert on your skin.

5. Make peace with your skin.

Call a truce, stop the fight. Look in the mirror and tell your skin you will learn to listen and commit to taking better care moving forward.

6. Move your body.

Get your glow on and love it. Focus on how you feel when you move your body. Increased circulation and activity greatly benefit the skin while releasing negativity and stress.

7. Honor your health.

Food choices should honor your tastebuds and make you feel good. Your skin loves whole, real foods and will thank you with a clear, radiant complexion when you feed it considering your highest, brightest self.

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