Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Teak Intuitive Blending Set


Inhale and connect. Traditionally used in ship building, teak is water and warp resistant. Nature makes the best stuff. Connect with nature while you use this beautiful set to blend your desert-harvested formulas to create perfectly custom blends. Your skincare ritual will be cleaner and prettier. Enjoy using nature's most beautiful and resilient wood while you work to care for your beautiful and resilient self.

Vessel Material: Teak wood
Vessel Size:
 3.5" dia x .05" H
Teak Spoon Size: 3.5"
Shell Spoon Size: 3"

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with mild soap, dry thoroughly with soft cloth.

We are women who know what we want. When we set out to create a line of clean, luxury skincare formulas SIZE was a top priority. Because yes, size matters. We want our customers to feel pampered, unlimited, and connected to our products. This is why we create highly-concentrated formulas (a little goes a long way) but we don't stop there. We strive to surpass standard sizes you have become accustomed to.

We feel like beauty industry standard sizes just aren't good enough. Our full-size facial formulas are usually twice the standard size. Our Deluxe Minis last for 2-3 weeks rather than a single-use sample that you find at the beauty counters. So go ahead, there is plenty in each bottle to treat yourself like the goddess you are.

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