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Good Medicine

Softest Bamboo Washcloth

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We searched far and wide for the highest quality washcloth to accompany our lovely desert-born products.... and we finally found it! Our Softest Bamboo Washcloth is sourced locally, near our desert home, and made by a company that shares our ethos. It is made of clean, eco-friendly viscose-from-bamboo fabric that naturally repels odors and allergens. This cloth pairs lovely with our cleansers to leave your face soft and feeling refreshed. Avoid harsh scrubbing to remove makeup and grime. The natural fibers whisk them away virtually effortlessly.


Extra-smooth, slightly twisted yarn is loomed perfectly to 600 grams per square meter for increased comfort. Bamboo fabric is also naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant.

Measures 13"x13"

Softest Bamboo Washcloth
Softest Bamboo Washcloth