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Good Medicine

BREEZE Revival Mist

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Wildcrafted Chaparral, Lime Essence & Aloe Vera

A refreshing breeze that calms the mind, enlivens the soul and soothes the skin. This wildcrafted, nutrient-rich fluid, quickly tones, revives, and refreshes the skin. Concentrated healing and anti-bacterial ingredients combine to create a toner that cools and calms and simultaneously combats blemishes and inflammation. Breathe deep and let its light, clean fragrance envelop you.


Use Regularly To Help

  • Brighten & soften the skin
  • Hydrate and refresh throughout the day
  • Prepare your skin for serums and face cream
  • Smooth rough patches & red areas
  • Protect against inflammatory breakouts
  • Balance the skin's natural pH
  • Clear dead skin cells & harmful toxins
  • Balance the production of sebum
  • Regenerate cell growth

It's Good Medicine

Like dancing through forests of pine and fields of green, Breeze lifts, twists, and twirls on your skin bringing with it new life, freshness, and protection. Breeze is saturated in a glorious health-giving tincture of wild-harvested juniper berries, chaparral, and desert sage to revive your body, mind, and spirit.


Aqueous infusion of desert sage**, juniper berry**, chaparral**, dandelion*, alfalfa*. lime hydrosol, aloe vera juice*, vegetable glycerin*, wild raw honey, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, citric acid (sugar derived), raw apple cider vinegar*.

Naturally Gluten-Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA


Mist your face before you apply your moisturizer to prepare your skin to receive the hydration from your serum and face cream. Fresh distilled limes, our signature wildcrafted desert tincture, and wild desert honey are among the heavenly ingredients that make Breeze the ideal hydrating toner as well as a magical portal to the most refreshing parts of the desert.

TIP: Whenever you need a mini-meditation session, spritz, inhale and smell the desert after the rain.

BREEZE Revival Mist
BREEZE Revival Mist
BREEZE Revival Mist
BREEZE Revival Mist
BREEZE Revival Mist
BREEZE Revival Mist
  • Dry Skin

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Mature Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
So refreshing!

I really like this product since it is so refreshing and leaves you with a wonderfully fresh and bright feeling. You do have to get used to the scent as it is quite different. I like to use it before applying the Clarity face lotion.

Sheilla Boyd
Love Breeze!

This is like a cool breeze hitting your face when you spray it on! I really need it in a gallon size! I use it to set my makeup, a quick refresher for my face and always after cleansing.

Sheilla Boyd
Can't live without Breeze

Breeze is a refreshing product that makes your skin feel cool and awake. I used it as a toner both morning and night, to set my makeup and if I have been out in the sun just to cool my skin down. It is a must for your skin care regimen.


Lovely refreshing mist to use at all times of the day! So gentle and clarifying

Breeze mist

This is very nice. Made my skin feel refreshed.