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Good Medicine


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Set Includes
  • RAIN Replenishing Oil Cleanser
  • SAND Red Desert Mineral Polish
  • BREEZE Revival Mist
  • HONEY DEW Youth Nectar
  • CLARITY Awakening Face Cream
  • STARRY EYES Brightening Eye Cream

When we are babes of 25, we can see changes in our skin’s surface. Tiny lines begin to appear as our skin becomes thinner. Although we can’t stop the passing of time, we can care for our skin, make conscious choices and soften the process.

Our skin can prematurely age for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable with a consistent skincare routine, healthy habits, proper sun exposure, nutrition and hydration. Repairing the moisture barrier is key when attending to damaged and aging skin. We have hand-selected our favorite gentle giants to effectively cleanse, exfoliate, protect and hydrate your delicate skin. These enlivened formulas will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lovely skin.

  • Mature Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jackie S
Love these products

I tend to have rashes and areas on my face that just won't clear up. Recently, I had stayed in hotels and literally had bleach burned areas on my cheeks and scalp. I had tried a number of products, that actually flared up the bleach burns even more. I tried the small set of products, using Sand, Dew and moisturizer on the burns. Cleared them up in a couple of days. Just amazing. Another longstanding rough spot on my face also cleared up. I love these products and they do feel like "Good Medicine".

Janet Rose
My Skin has never felt happier ✨️

I first came upon these products from my hairdresser.Who sells them in her shop because she states that her skin has never felt happier or looked Health here. It's all natural ingredients made right here in the state that I live and am from. So I decided to buy some products from her and Within a month of using the products that she gave me.I decided to go online and find the products that would be best for my skin.And I decided to go with with the wind dancer wisdom set. I use them morning and at night directed As I am supposed to their steps. My skin glows it looks soft and feels softer.My fine lines aren't as noticeable And it make my skin look more alive.Since I have been using these product's.

My skin looks and feels better than it ever has!

As a 48 year old who has never had professional guidance or help with skin care, I battle sun damage, fine lines and larger than I would like pores.
After three weeks using the products in the wisdom set, my skin is softer, smoother and my pores are more minimal than they have been since I was 25.
Bonus: The scent makes me feel happy!
I think I have finally found my forever skincare line!
Thank you! This truly is “Good medicine”!

Fittingly Named

This set is like having a Spa in your home my skin just drinks up Honey Dew Youth Nectar, love how hydrating the Breeze Revival Mist is as needed.

Wind dancer set

I highly recommend getting this set of 6 to know what products you love. I am obsess with the awakening face cream and the starry eyes it is so good.