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LOVE LETTER / Botanical Perfume by Katie Dalebout

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An Adventure In Authenticity

Sometime ago, we fell in love with our dear friend Katie. She is the acclaimed author of book ""Let It out"" and a talented podcast host where she holds a space for creativity, positive energy, and authenticity.

Together, we created ""Love Letter"" – a sweet, lush, vibrant fragrance that combines the sensuous floral notes of magnolia with the warm, seductive aromas of coconut and vanilla.


A Love Letter From Katie

""I've wanted to be a person with a signature scent for as long as I can remember. I tried everything but nothing screamed 'me' like a signature scent should. I found things that smelled nice sure, but they were all synthetics I didn't love having on my skin on the regular. So when Good Medicine & I decided to team up to create something that was both 100% natural and 100% me I was thrilled, yet nervous. 'What do I know about fragrances?' I thought. I'm sure you're asking that question too. The truth is I'm not a pro but after this process of tirelessly working with the Good Medicine Lab I learned more about essential oils and notes in scents than I even knew existed, the result? A light, sweet, WONDERFUL fragrance I hope we can all wear like a favorite outfit. This fragrance is for us, to remind us of our own natural beauty whenever we forget it's there.""

Stay true,


TOP NOTES: Magnolia

Perfume Spray Base: Artisan Alcohol
Rollerball Base: Sweet Almond Oil
Full Size Base: Artisan Alcohol

LOVE LETTER / Botanical Perfume by Katie Dalebout
LOVE LETTER / Botanical Perfume by Katie Dalebout

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

I’m super sensitive to smells and perfumes due to migraines. I’m thrilled to find a scent I love that does not make me feel sick!! I only wish it projected just a little more, but I love it.

Vanessa Lisle
A bit disappointing

I have been on the hunt for nontoxic perfumes for some time when I decided to try out the spray version of this. To me this smells a bit medicinal and it reminds me strongly of Nag Champa incense with a bit of coconut. The coconut note starts off a bit playdoughy but settles down to be more creamy and pleasant after a bit. As it settles I get the medicinal smelling magnolia more. Overall not what I was expecting or really my taste. Its a little too earthy and dirty smelling for me. Theres also a hint of a green note in the dry down which I'm also not a fan of. But all thats not why I'm giving it 3 stars though because fragrance taste is subjective. I'm giving it less stars because its pretty weak smelling and I can't smell it after about an hour even after absolutely dousing myself with it. For the price point it shouldn't be less than body spray quality. Also I think this should be marketed as an earthy, floral incense fragrance with a coconut base note. If you are looking for a natural fragrance that reminds you of mainstream perfume I'd skip this one. If you love those earthy essential oils roll ons your can buy at head shops this is more your style.

Smells Incredible!

I’ve been looking for a lower toxin perfume and I finally found one! I love anything coconut so I was instantly sold. My husband also likes it!

Shannon Wu

I will never wear another perfume again. This perfume is subtle while at the same time intoxicating. The name couldn't be more fitting. If you have ever been on the recieving end of a Love Letter, then you will know how this smell makes you feel.

Sweet floral scent

I love this perfume and I totally wear it year round. It's a little coconut, subtle vanilla notes and a sweet magnolia finish. Definitely my go to perfume.