LOVE LETTER / Botanical Perfume by Katie Dalebout

LOVE LETTER / Botanical Perfume by Katie Dalebout

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An Adventure In Authenticity

Sometime ago, we fell in love with our dear friend Katie. She is the acclaimed author of book "Let It out" and a talented podcast host where she holds a space for creativity, positive energy, and authenticity.

Together, we created "Love Letter" – a sweet, lush, vibrant fragrance that combines the sensuous floral notes of magnolia with the warm, seductive aromas of coconut and vanilla.


"I've wanted to be a person with a signature scent for as long as I can remember. I tried everything but nothing screamed 'me' like a signature scent should. I found things that smelled nice sure, but they were all synthetics I didn't love having on my skin on the regular. So when Good Medicine & I decided to team up to create something that was both 100% natural and 100% me I was thrilled, yet nervous. 'What do I know about fragrances?' I thought. I'm sure you're asking that question too. The truth is I'm not a pro but after this process of tirelessly working with the Good Medicine Lab I learned more about essential oils and notes in scents than I even knew existed, the result? A light, sweet, WONDERFUL fragrance I hope we can all wear like a favorite outfit. This fragrance is for us, to remind us of our own natural beauty whenever we forget it's there."

Stay true,

TOP NOTES: Magnolia

Perfume Spray Base: Artisan Alcohol
Rollerball Base: Sweet Almond Oil

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