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CLARITY Awakening Face Cream

Clarity sizes:

Calming, Cooling, and Clarifying

Upon contact, Clarity calms, cools and clarifies the skin. This potent face cream delivers vitamins, minerals, and free-radical fighting antioxidants right where they are needed most! Clarity’s concentrated botanicals penetrate deep into the skin, restoring the skin's natural moisture barrier bringing a rosy glow to the surface. It reveals a bright, soft, enlivened complexion with a gorgeous matte finish. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and phytonutrients soothe, moisturize, and protect delicate facial tissue. May it bring your skin to bloom like a wild desert rose.

    Use it regularly to:

    • Firm and tone
    • Brighten the complexion
    • Protect from environmental damage
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Calm red areas and heal acne
    • Reduce skin discoloration & pigmentation
    • Protect against microbial infections
    • Combat bacteria
    • Boost collagen

    It's Good Medicine

    Clarity calms and cools the skin, giving it a deep breathe. The essential oil essence in Clarity moves us through the shadows within, lighting the heart with resolution, tranquility and inner strength. It gives us the strength to meet the day without regret or unworthy feelings. We use ample amounts of fresh-picked wild sage in this formula which is famous in desert lore for its ability to clear a toxic mind and heart.

    Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA

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    Place a small dab of cream between the fingers and rest the hands lightly over the face in a soft caress, carrying a fine protective coat to the face. Feel the skin begin to cool and calm, then watch the clear, rosy glow appear. Resist rubbing or pushing at the delicate facial skin.


    • Add a drop or two of Rain Replenishing Oil to Clarity for an extra rich, night time recovery cream. You control exactly how much nourishment your skin needs!
    • Sprinkle Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains over Clarity, add a little fresh water and create the most luscious, hydrating 20 minute mask you've ever experienced.

    Aqueous infusion of desert sage**, juniper berry**, chaparral**, dandelion* & alfalfa*. Olive oil*, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium stearoyl lactylate, cold pressed coconut oil*, aloe vera juice*, cetyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin*, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, rice powder (non-GMO), vitamin E T-50, coenzyme Q10, sugar cane*, wild raw honey, wasabi extract, vitamin B3, CO2 calendula extract*. Rose attar, gardenia attar, juniper berry EO.

    *Organic **Wildcrafted
    EO: Essentail Oil

    Essential Oil Blend
    Cools, calms, reduces blotchy skin, restores balance, protects, brightens

    Wild Desert Infusion
    Treats acne or hormonal skin, boosts collagen, free radical defense, improves circulation, calms, brightens, reduces redness, soothes, detoxifies, supports healthy cells

    Olive Oil
    Maintains a healthy moisture level in the skin, antioxidant protection, restores smooth skin texture, prevents free radical damage

    Wasabi Extract
    Preservative, boosts skin defense, promotes healing, promotes circulation

    Dandelion Leaf
    Detoxifies, fights free radicals, treats acne, stimulates cell repair, firms, brightens, protects

    Oxygenates, encourages collagen production, reduces inflammation, firms, brightens

    Rice Powder
    Conditions, supports cells, improves elasticity, smoothes fine lines, promotes healing

    Coconut Oil
    Protects healthy tissues, softens, moisturizes, protects, reduces pore size, evens skin tone, promotes healing, treats acne, smoothes fine lines, repairs damaged skin

    Aloe Vera
    Heals, calms, soothes, softens

    Brightens, promotes cell turn over

    Heals, regenerates, soothes, reduces inflammation, restores moisture, smoothes fine lines, protects thinning skin, brightens

    Coenzyme Q10
    Powerful antioxidant, penetrates deep, promotions the production of collagen and elastin needed to maintain firm flexible skin, prevents the breakdown of collagen that causes sag, fine lines and wrinkles.

    Wild Desert Honey
    Powerful humectant, fights free radicals, treats irritated skin, promotes healthy cell turn over, plumps, calms, rejuvenates, smoothes skin tone

    Vitamin B
    Brightens, improves skin tone, maintains moisture levels, protects skin cells

    Caprylhydroxamic Acid
    Preservative. An amino acid (organic compounds that are essential building blocks of life) derived from coconut oil.

      We are women who know what we want. When we set out to create a line of clean, luxury skincare formulas SIZE was a top priority. Because yes, size matters. We want our customers to feel pampered, unlimited, and connected to our products. This is why we create highly-concentrated formulas (a little goes a long way) but we don't stop there. We strive to surpass standard sizes you have become accustomed to.

      We feel like beauty industry standard sizes just aren't good enough. Our full-size facial formulas are usually twice the standard size. Our Deluxe Minis last for 2-3 weeks rather than a single-use sample that you find at the beauty counters. So go ahead, there is plenty in each bottle to treat yourself like the goddess you are.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 92 reviews
      Burned and produced bad rash all over face

      The lotion smells great and has a nice consistency but made my skin feel like it was burning and gave me a bad rash all over my face as of day 2. I have sensitive skin so I should have known better after seeing it had so many ingredients including wasabi in it but I love their body butter and decided to give it a shot. Be careful if you have sensitive skin!

      Millicent Darrington
      Favorite moisturizer

      I’ve been using clarity for years now. I’ve tried other brands and used other moisturizers but always end up back with this one. It works for my skin every season and leave it feeling plump and soft without that oily feeling. 10/10 I recommend clarity.

      Have ordered this several times - using 4 years now

      After years of searching, a friend told me about this and I was hooked. It took a little getting used to at first, but now any other face cream feels slimy and smells like chemicals. LOVE this, and don't plan on every changing brands. At times, I add a bit of rain to it to add to the moisture when it gets really cold outside and it does the trick.

      Paris Jones
      Amazing Face Cream

      The smell is just as good as the results. I love using this for a deep moisturize with a light weight feel. It’s so creamy and fresh. Feels like a marshmallows (without being sticky)

      Alicia Redfield
      Best ever

      I've been using this cream for 2 years and it's amazing. I struggle with dry skin in the winter and oily in the summer and this cream manages to even it out all year long.

      Customer Reviews

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