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5 Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine

Yes, simply having a skincare routine is the largest step to get your skin to where you’d like it to be. But, there is always room for improvement! Here are 5 ways to beautify and reinvent your skincare routine so that your effort in maintaining the health of your skin is being used efficiently. 

  • Set a Reminder, Alarm, or Make a Note
  • Are you finding it hard to stick to your skincare routine? Or perhaps it’s easy for you to miss a day here and there. Though they may seem inconsequential at the time, skipping too many days can easily lead to a disruption in your skin’s oil balance, uneven moisture schedules, and an eventual bad habit of taking more skip days than you should. Ideally, washing your face 2x daily is the goal. To work on your punctuation and consistency, set yourself a reminder to do your morning or nightly routine on time –– hopefully leading to a timely schedule.

  • Utilize Lymphatic Drainage Methods
  • A lymphatic drainage massage allows a buildup of lymphatic fluid in your face to be drained away, improving circulation in your facial tissues. Increased circulation helps the skin appear brighter, less puffy, and will help even out your skin tone. Tools that are perfect for lymphatic massages are the Gua Sha and Facial Rollers. Read our blog “Face Rolling 101: Why We Love It” to learn more. 

  • Set Hydration Goals
  • This skin relies on water to keep its soft, hydrated texture protected. When you’re not getting enough water, your skin suffers. Setting hydration goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable each day to drink as much as your body needs. This can look like setting alarms for every couple of hours to finish a glass, drawing lines on your bottle to reach at certain times throughout the day, or even just creating a structured schedule to stick to. Whatever method is best for you is the one to use!

  • Order Your Routine Steps Efficiently
  • There are right and wrong ways to use skincare products. That is, there are efficient and less efficient ways to go about your skincare routine. We like to go about it in three phases that build off of eachother to create a sequence that provides your skin all of the nutrients it needs, while leaving it moisturized and clean of daily dirt. First, we RELEASE the skin from its impurities by using a gentle cleanser (like Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains). Second, we RESTORE the skin by using a mask (Smudge Spirited Detox Mask) and a tonic (Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic). Third, we allow the skin to RECEIVE the nutrients and moisture that it needs with serums (like Honey Dew Youth Nectar) and moisturizers (Clarity Awakening Face Cream).

  • Manage Your Stress
  • Too much stress can lead to an overproduction of oils and acids, ultimately causing your skin to break out and become inflamed. Utilizing simple ways of managing stress, like taking a bath, meditating, and organizing your living space, can immensely decrease the stress that may be causing physiological responses within your body and on a cellular level. Remember to take a deep breath, and make space for you to enjoy your skincare routine so that it is a relaxing moment with yourself, and not an added chore.

    Easy, intentional acts can make a world of difference in every aspect of your life. By accomplishing even a couple of these steps, you will find a better skincare routine and schedule than ever before!
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