Face Rolling 101: Why We Love It

Face Rolling 101: Why We Love It

Tone and tighten, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, decrease puffiness... all results of face rolling. No wonder we adore it! It's so simple and it stimulates blood flow, resulting in a glowing complexion. I mean, why wouldn't you do it? 

Face rolling actually works on several levels to better your skin. It allows your skin to better receive the nutrients and oxygen from your products by increasing the blood flow. So with just a simple tool and small addition to your routine, you can be benefitting even more from our gorgeous desert ingredients. You're welcome!


First of all, not all rollers are created equal. We recommend a rose quartz roller because rose quartz actually stays cooler than, say jade, when you're rolling your skin, which is helpful for reducing puffiness. We also love the rose quartz because the rose quartz crystal is associated with love and the heart chakra... and you gotta love your gorgeous face (muahh!).

Now we have a Rose Quartz Roller that is available with our Super Natural Beauty Set. The set includes full-size Honey Dew, Starry Eyes, and Clarity, as well as the roller. Just like our ingredients, we searched the world over for a roller that was the highest quality with the best properties... just for you!


Of course you can use your rose quartz roller with any product that you want to get more out of. But here are a few suggestions...

  • Honey Dew - first, apply the product by tapping it in a little. Finish the application by rolling until the product is completely absorbed into your skin. 
  • Electric Sky - rolling to increase blood flow in combination with this power house product will allow your skin to reap the benefits of the activated oxygen (and other incredible ingredients) in Electric Sky even more!
  • Rain - you should always roll with some sort of product on your skin for "slip," you don't want any friction when you roll your face. And Rain is the perfect product for providing that slip while providing your skin with vital nutrients.
  • Clarity - our ever-popular face cream becomes even more effective when paired with rolling to finish off your routine. We love the idea of a couple drops of Rain in your Clarity before bed and a rolling session to top it off.
  • Starry Eyes - especially on those puffy eye days! Starry Eyes is formulated to reduce puffiness. Combine the product's botanical powers with your roller and those puffy eyes don't stand a chance.
  • Honey Bee - Use your roller to evenly distribute your hydrating mask as well as increasing blood flow and allowing the honey and other miracle ingredients to penetrate even deeper!


  • Always roll up (never down) and in one direction.
  • Roll about five times upward in each area, starting at the jawline.
  • Then roll under the cheekbones. Start at the corner of your mouth and roll out and up towards your ear.
  • Next, roll over the cheekbones in the same direction.
  • When you come to the ear, lift the roller and go back to the starting place.
  • Roll flat along your eye brows.
  • Roll upwards on your forehead.
  • Work more slowly along the jawline and neck, continuing the upward motion.


  • Keep your roller in the fridge for a cooling treatment, great for treating puffy eyes and enlarged pores.
  • Use your roller as the final step of your skincare routine to allow the ingredients to penetrate more deeply.
  • Use your roller over makeup, or just randomly during the day, to encourage blood circulation and drainage, resulting in a refreshed glow.
  • Place your roller in warm water for a sort of "hot stone massage" treatment.