A Head-to-Toe Intuitive Ritual to Make you Feel Just Plain Gorgeous

A Head-to-Toe Intuitive Ritual to Make you Feel Just Plain Gorgeous

Stop. Take a minute. Take a breath. Take some time for you. Just you. Make yourself feel plain gorgeous. You already are plain gorgeous, that's a given, but some days we just don't feel it. So give yourself permission to feel it right now. Follow your intuition during this process. These are ideas we think you might love, but let your soul guide you. Be playful. Be free.


Let's start at the top, your head. Begin with massaging Wild Child Hair Rehab Oil into your hair and your scalp. Massage it in. Let your intuition guide you as far as how much to use. Don't worry, you can always wash it out. Once you've distributed it evenly throughout your locks, put your hair up, and allow it to work it's magic.

Now for the Toes

If you are new to dry brushing, check out The Beautiful Benefits of Dry Brushing. Start with the soles of your feet and toes and from there go in long sweeping motions towards your heart. Always brushing towards your heart. Make your way all the way around your foot and up your leg; all the way up past your hip in one long motion. Brush the rest of your body using the same method, sweeping towards the heart.

Nourish your Skin BEFORE you Shower

Wait, what? Applying a layer of lovely nourishing oil, like Lomi Lomi or Holy Wild, PRE-shower is actually incredibly moisturizing, and cleansing, for your skin. When it comes to oil cleansing, the basic idea is that "like dissolves like," which is actually just straight up science. We love oil cleansing for our faces, so why not out bodies? Plus if you dry brush beforehand you have created a blank canvas so to speak and the oil can really penetrate and nourish your skin. The warmth of the shower allows it to hydrate even more deeply. Oh, here's a pro tip: shaving will be a breeze.

Tend to your Scalp

While you're in the shower, rinse Wild Child from your hair and cleanse your locks using Ashes Reincarnating Cleansing Grains. For a deeper clean, sprinkle some Ashes on your shampoo and use as normal. Get more details: A Scalp Treatment Like You've Never Felt. Basically, you want to place some Ashes in your palm, add a little water and apply the fizzing mixture to your scalp and hair. When we do this treatment, there is no need for a conditioner. Style your hair like normal. Sometimes we do a pretty heavy application of Wild Child and our hair can feel a little heavy or oily. If that bothers you, you can always wash with shampoo. But we kinda like it.

Finishing Touches

After your shower, don't rub yourself dry, rather pat dry with an absorbent towel. If you like you can choose to apply another layer of body oil, that would be glorious. Or you could indulge in Radiance Enlivening Body Cream. Place a dollop of Radiance in your hand and rub your hands together. To reduce allow the desert-born ingredients to reduce waste fluids captured beneath the skin's surface, pat it into your skin, allowing a remarkable colloidal action.

Be you. Be free. Be playful. XOXO