A Skincare Ritual for a Reactive or Irritated Complexion

A Skincare Ritual for a Reactive or Irritated Complexion

When your complexion is acting sensitive, it's time to STOP what you're doing and listen. A sensitive, red, irritated, moody complexion is calling out for help because it is reacting to something. When you experience these issues, you aren't able to benefit from vitamins and nutrients you might be applying to your face. Before you can start benefiting from the good stuff you are offering yourself, your face must be soothed and balanced. I know it seems overwhelming... but we have a plan!

Follow your intuition

Slowing down and tuning in is the first step to hearing what your skin is trying to tell you. Have you been cleansing with harsh soaps or synthetics? Have you been over-exfoliating or scrubbing too hard? Are you drinking enough water? What has changed in your diet? Meditate on what you may have done to create your sensitive skin situation.

What could be out of balance?

There are several things that could be out of balance or not working properly, resulting in sensitive skin.

  • pH levels are off - this happens if you have been too hard on your skin, scrubbed too hard, used harsh cleansers, or used too much hot water. Conditions like eczema, redness, dry patches, acne, excessive oil production, and signs of premature aging are all indications that your pH levels are out of balance.
  • Acid mantle is damaged - First of all, what is an acid mantle? It's a slightly acid barrier on human skin that acts as a shield against bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. You know your acid mantle is damaged if you experience a tightness after washing your face (even if you just rinsed it with water). Other clues include premature aging and chronic dryness and flakiness. 
  • Moisture barrier is compromised - aka the lipid barrier, is what's responsible for locking moisture into your skin. When it is out of balance and damaged the result is skin that is dehydrated, red, irritated. Skin may look dull and has pronounced fine lines, and perhaps it is acne prone. If the moisture barrier has been damaged then harmful substances are able to breach the skins protective barrier and cause damage.
  • Microbiome isn't healthy - your skin microbiome is a community of living microorganisms made up mostly of bacteria, that live on your skin and help protect the skin and keep the moisture barrier functioning. These incredible bacteria are your friends and you need them to have healthy, glowing skin. 

Get back to basics

Here at Good Medicine, we have developed a simple method for caring for the skin that allows its natural systems to function fully and efficiently. When you are experiencing sensitive or reactive skin, it is time to start treating your skin carefully and simply, perhaps like you would a baby's skin.

What products to use for sensitive skin

Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser is your best friend. 

If you are in an extreme state of sensitivity – STOP! Scale back on your skincare immediately and use Rain exclusively for at least 1 week, preferably 2. This will reset your skin so that you can slowly add additional formulas to your routine. We recommend adding no more than one per week into your skincare routine. Listen to your skin. You will know when you can add more formulas to your beauty ritual.

How to use Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser To Soothe Sensitive Skin And Restore Balance

Use Rain morning and night. Gently coat your entire face and neck. Using your fingertips, gently massage your skin in soft, circular motions for at least 30+ seconds to soften the skin and remove dirt, makeup, and pollutants. The circular motion combined with the warmth of your fingertips creates a heating action to gently encourage pores to release waste. Use a soft dry or warm, moist wash cloth (a personal choice) to gently pat away the excess oil. Leave a light layer on your skin for moisture retention. Repeat if desired or to get rid of excess makeup.

After a week of using just Rain, it is time to start adding to your routine. Other formulas that will restore your sensitive skin to normal are: 

Use Honey Dew Youth Nectar + Rain As Your Daytime Moisturizer

If your skin is itchy, red or irritated a combination of Rain and Honey Dew should be your daytime moisturizer. Honey Dew is amazing at evening out skin tone, calming, and hydrating. It forms a breathable layer of protection over your vulnerable skin.

Why we love it: Superfoods and powerful oils create a lightweight blend that is ideal for sensitive skin.

How to blend: 1-2 dropperfuls Honey Dew Youth Nectar + 2-4 drops of Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser
  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Rain.
  • Apply a few spritzes of Breeze Revival Mist to aid penetration of creams and serums and cool the skin.
  • Apply the prepared mixture of Rain and Honey Dew to the entire face and neck area using your fingertips in light tapping motions until absorbed into the skin.

Transform Clarity Awakening Face Cream With A Few Drops Of Rain

Use this luscious blend to keep your skin soft and supple. Adding Rain to your face cream transforms it into a restorative powerhouse. 

Why we love it: Pump up hydration while you sleep to boost healing and rejuvenation.

How to blend: A dab of CLARITY Awakening Face Cream + 2-4 drops of RAIN Replenishing Oil Cleanse
  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Rain before bed. If wearing makeup you will want to repeat your cleanse.
  • Apply a few spritzes of Breeze Revival Mist and relish in the calming effects.
  • Apply the prepared mixture of Rain and Clarity to the entire face and neck area using your hands to gently press (not rub!) this gorgeous blend into the skin. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe, setting the intention for a peaceful sleep and deep healing.


How Honey Bee Revelation Mask Works Its Magic On Sensitive Skin

Use twice a week while your skin is acting sensitive.

Why we love it: Honey Bee Revelation Mask is deeply soothing and a godsend for sensitive skin. Honey is a natural humectant. Honey actually takes moisture from the air and puts it into your skin! This luscious mask helps your skin really drink in the moisture and retain it longer. Resulting in deep-penetrating, long-lasting hydration.

Honey Bee effectively clears waste and dead cells from the skin's surface, so it's great to use when your skin is simply too sensitive for exfoliation.
  • Apply lightly to the face, avoiding the eye area with the fingertips or a brush.
  • Let this decadent mask sit on the skin up to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water until completely removed.
  • Follow immediately with Breeze Revival Mist and your moisturizing blend.

Remember, add new products slowly to your routine as you work to heal and replenish your skin. If you listen to your skin, you will know when it is time to add other products.

Our Rainmaker / Hydration Starter Set has everything (and more) you need be on your way to more balanced skin. We always recommend starting with our deluxe mini formulas if you are a new to Good Medicine. That way you can figure out what works best for your skin before you commit to our generously sized full-size products. 

From the desert wilds, with love. XOXO