Feel more grounded with these Earthing rituals

Feel more grounded with these Earthing rituals

My childhood was spent barefoot.

I would climb trees, feel the squish of wet grass beneath my toes, tromp around the garden and scurry across hot cement. My younger self was such an advocate of barefoot living that my friend’s mother would always keep a special, fresh pair of socks ready for when I visited, often arriving at her front door barefoot, leaving tiny, dirty footprints across the pristine carpet. 

I believe those barefooted years shaped what is now a deep, primal connection to Mother Nature and a yearning to feel grounded. There’s a distinct tranquility and source of loving support that our Earth provides, and as long as humans have been around, we've found ways to tap into it. This practice is called Earthing.

What is Earthing?

Earthing is a practice that taps into the electrical energy of the Earth. A form of grounding, earthing, it is believed that Earth’s electrical field transfers to the body if some part of the body touches the earth or touches an object that can conduct Earth's electrical field.

With this connection to Earth, our bodies absorb free electrons, which are believed to serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that block oxidation of other molecules, preventing the development of free radicals, which harm our bodies.

Now that I’ve reluctantly grown up, running around barefoot all the time is no longer my go-to strategy to practice earthing.

Here are some ways you can introduce earthing into your body, mind, and home:

Mind + body: Connect with the Earth

Earthing can be practiced by simply taking off your shoes in nature and connecting your feet with the Earth.

Our bodies’ cells are made up of protons and electrons, continuously sending signals to help us function. When we make direct, barefoot contact with the Earth, our inner electrical system exchanges energy with the Earth’s negative charge.

Early studies show that the energy we absorb from the Earth can actually function as an antioxidant. Our bodies love antioxidants. Using this earthing technique is also a wonderful, proven way to boost your mood, reduce pain and stress levels, and improve your sleep.

Skin + senses: Ground yourself with natural skincare

Skincare felt like a hyper-commercialized burden until I was introduced to non-toxic, sustainably-sourced, natural products. My inner-wild child was delighted to discover another ritual to aid in my quest for earth-connectedness. Using our Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish surrounds your skin and senses with the essence of the desert we love so much, leaving the skin gently exfoliated and pampered.

Nature really does do it better.

Home: Cleansing energy

There’s no place like home, especially if that home is full of positive energy.

As a feminine entity and Cancerian, it’s important for me to curate a nurturing, balanced space my loved ones and I can enjoy. Understanding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and neutralizing electromagnetic smog plays a big role in creating a harmonious environment. 

Electromagnetic smog consists of high-frequency electromagnetic fields that are emitted from our devices. When our bodies are exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields, it can impact on our biological processes. People who are sensitive to EMFs can struggle with restful sleep, concentration, a disrupted nervous system, weakened immune system, and mental strain and stress.

With many of us spending most of our day around computers, smartphones, and all other kinds of devices, it’s wise to mitigate the effects of EMFs when you can. Crystals and minerals are said to help neutralize electromagnetic smog, and here are a couple favorites:

Black tourmaline

This is a very popular stone in metaphysical circles. Black Tourmaline cleanses and repels negative energies, and is especially strong on electromagnetic smog. Black Tourmaline is very grounding as most stones used for this purpose tend to be. It’s also a great stone for inspiration, connection, awareness and creativity.


This crystal’s vibration can filter incoming energies and clear away negativity. Amazonite blocks electromagnetic smog and also geopathic stress. 

Mitigating EMF smog is another way to balance and harmonize the energy in your sanctuary. 


Magic happens when we honor and connect with the Earth. It's sometimes easy to forget that we humans, are a part of the cycle. I hope these Earthing rituals give you some ideas on how to connect deeply with our ever-nurturing, life-sustaining Mother Earth.


Emily, Moon Dancer at Good Medicine Beauty Lab