Four Reasons you’re Attracted to Scent: and how to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for you

Four Reasons you’re Attracted to Scent: and how to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for you

Did you know that we unconsciously choose a scent that is similar to our biological signature? It's true. And it's amazing. That's why you are attracted to certain scents and not others. But how do you know which scent is perfect for you? The key is in your personality! Paul Jellinek did extensive research on the effect of fragrance on mood. He founded his research on the ancient philosophy of 4 elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. This study states that "the heart" of each note, i.e., Air, Water, Fire, or Earth, relates to different personality traits. Take our little personality test below to be matched with your ideal fragrance... and let your senses soar!

If your personality is... emotionally stable and extroverted personalities.

You are innovative and outspoken, a naturally born motivator, open-minded, and the life of the party. You handle abstract reasoning well. When you have a dilemma... hand it over to an air personality.

Your element is AIR:  green, herbal, coniferous, citrus

May we suggest... our Ode to Blue - Bright citrus and woodsy tree notes burst with freshness and mingle perfectly with the boldness of oakmoss and black pepper; in honor of everything true and blue. 

P.S. We worked hand-in-hand with Amanda of Organic Bunny to design this fragrance for her man. But don't let that stop you! All the ladies at Good Medicine sport this fragrance and are complimented on it every time.

If your personality is... larger-than-life, bursting with ideas, and very creative.

Just like a fire that is left untended, you can burn out of control and get exhausted. You're charismatic, wonderfully courageous, self-sufficient, and do not have to seek the approval of others to feel complete. Fire personalities have a tremendous zest for life.

Your element is FIRE: spicy, fruity and warm notes is believed that the perfumes uplift and reinvigorate its wearers.  

May we Suggest our Star Crossed - Entangled in a web of obsession and pleasure, this fragrance fuses mystical notes of frankincense, amber, and myrrh with a seductive layer of jasmine, tangerine, and vetiver. The sparkle of balsam tolu finishes this fragrance – reminiscent of the mischievous night sky.

Or try Wild Rosette - Floral and fruity undertones of rose and champa flower mingle seamlessly with the smokey back notes of precious oud, buddha wood, and sandalwood; bringing grounding and a certain wildness.

Botanical Perfumes

If your personality is... emotionally ambivalent, you do not want your perfume to do all the talking and prefer a softer tone.

You are intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, understanding, very family-oriented, and nurturing. You feel more intensely than any other personality type, like a river you run deep. How things feel is what matters most to you. You base your actions on sense rather than logic. You desire aesthetic beauty, and for everyone to be happy as a result of that beauty.

Your element is WATER: rosy, floral, and soft scents represent the element of water. They reduce anxiety and stress, and promote mental balance.

May we suggest... our Moon Shadow  - You are a mysterious creature, full of light and shadow; a shapeshifter, a seductress. Moon Shadow envelops you in velvety textures of rose and sandalwood. Notes of clove bud and cinnamon linger for a moment, adding just a hint of spice.

If your personality is... introverted.

You are instantly comforted by scent, where you find emotional refuge from the storm unfolding outside. You are very realistic and never build castles in the sky. You're always dependable and you prefer a sure thing. You are a builder; whether it be a job, home, or creating comfort, earth elements are all about what is solid around them. You prioritize sense of duty, responsibility, and reliability. We can count on you.

Your element is EARTH: caramel and other earthy scents that are sensual and sweet. The heart of these notes comfort and nurture all those who wear them.

We suggest our Dream Catcher - A fragrance of the night's soul. Dream Catcher's warm embrace holds your intuition in harmony with your dreams. Sultry notes of frankincense, amber, and myrrh dance on the skin, warming and mingling with your unique vibration, inspiring your inner self.

Like alchemy of old, our botanical perfume blends interact to combine vibrations of deep and low, high and quick, sweet and bright, into a complete pattern. The affect is sending beautiful impulses to the brain, heart, and cellular memory. You can choose a botanical scent that matches your personality, or choose one that will evoke a feeling you may not be fully experiencing.

Go ahead... We've bottled them, one-by-one, using only the finest essential oils, with loving intentions for your enjoyment.