Handmade vs. Factory-Made Skincare

Handmade vs. Factory-Made Skincare

In today’s fast-paced modern world, there are growing concerns about categories of different products and the effects they induce. Moreover, as statistics suggest that the consumer purchasing power is growing, there is an increase in the demand for skincare products. 

Subsequently, this leads to questions as to what’s good and what’s not. As a consumer, if you are considering investing in cosmetics and skincare, you’re probably looking for the best possible products. Therefore, the age-old “handmade vs. factory made skincare” debate is always around. Here, we will try to discuss the differences between both forms of skincare.

Handmade Skincare Benefits

Handmade skincare products hail from industrial businesses specializing in producing hand-crafted and personalized skincare products for every customer. Generally, the ingredients for natural/ organic handmade skincare come from ethical sources with minimal processing. 


First and foremost, when you opt for a handmade and personally hand-crafted skincare product, you are completely aware of the ingredients are. You know about the sources, processes, variations, and whatnot. This way, you achieve a personalized skincare routine.

Variations, Endless Possibilities

Combining different ingredients and ratios allows manufacturers to address unique skin concerns and issues, thereby catering to other groups of customers. For customers, getting a specific formula that is ‘made’ for their skin type helps them achieve desired results much quicker.


On the other hand, you can save money by selecting your desired ingredients in your preferred quantities. Yes! It is absolutely possible. You can choose a safe and cruelty-free source for all your ingredients. Apart from that, you can ensure that handmade cosmetics meet the “100% natural” mark! Overall, a hand-crafted (or handmade skincare) product can serve your custom skin requirements while suiting your living conditions. 

Factory-Made Skincare Benefits

Factory-made skin care refers to the synthetic or semi-synthetic processing of skincare products for customers. The idea is to formulate skincare products that enhance the power of natural or organic compounds, thereby allowing better results for the skin. Consequently, factory-made skincare uses chemical compounds via laboratory and scientific methods.


In a sense, synthetic skincare products might seem less costly than natural handmade skincare products. This is because synthetic skincare products undergo scientific chemical changes that incorporate the induction of several preservatives. These chemicals prolong products’ shelf-life. Hence, you receive an effective skin care regimen from the same products.


As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that not all-natural skincare products are “100%”. Some companies make false claims and face legal complications as a result. Aside from that fact, bear in mind that synthetic (or factory-made skincare) products improve the natural delivery of ingredients and nutrients to your skin, which ensures better results.