Skincare 101

Looking for some of the best and common skincare tips? This blog post will not only share some amazing skincare tips and their effects on different skin types but also tell you about one of the best in business for natural and completely effective skincare products.

You may look at your skin and wonder how you can preserve its beauty and health? Well, all you need to do is practice a few simple tips and use all-natural and organic skincare beauty products from Good Medicine Beauty Lab.

Skincare 101


Protection from the Sun

It is important to avoid excessive sun exposure on any normal day and also use anti-sun creams (i.e., sunscreens. However, do study the effects and different levels of SPF in sunscreens to choose the right product that better suit your skin. 

Makeup Tools

It might seem like the cleansers and the other skincare products are the only requirement for good skin. But if you love doing makeup, then you should consider cleaning the most used items such as brushes and pads in your makeup kits regularly (preferably after every use).

Hence, you will lower the dust and chances of germs building up in your makeup kits as well.

Avoid Excessive Use of Skincare Products

Do not forget to read the usage details of the skincare products that you have. It is advisable to make use of amount charts or correct application sizes of different creams and products. Avoid using a skincare item more than a few times throughout the day if the label says so.

Consider meeting up with your dermatologist before using a skincare product to make sure that you do not encounter any health problems such as skin allergies.

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Make use of the skin mood guides out there and determine your skin type through various methods. Knowing your skin type will help you choose the most effective and healthy skin care products and regimens.

This will prove not only fruitful in the long-term but also short-term for quick effects! On top of that, this will also help you identify what works better for you and what doesn’t.

Use of Blends and Authentic Skincare Regimens

One of the ways to build an effective skincare regimen throughout the weeks or months is to look for the right blends of skincare products. Good Medicine Beauty Lab uses all-natural and the most trusted sources for its beauty products.

We also offer some of the best beauty products along with tips on blends and use. Check out our official website to learn more.


At Good Medicine Beauty Lab, you are the formulator of your skincare medicine. We offer authentic ingredients that go way beyond the normal skincare effectiveness and results. Remember, knowing your skin type is a great start to maintaining and improving your skin health. Give us a call to learn about bulk purchases of our skincare products at 435-656-5240. Learn more about our product range and blends.

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