6 Things That Really Help With Fickle (Fall) Skin

6 Things That Really Help With Fickle (Fall) Skin

In ancient cultures, the Autumn equinox, as well as the Spring, were revered. Many civilizations built monuments to honor and observe them. We believe that the planetary alignments are of spiritual significance and bring insight and magic into our lives. Autumn is a beautiful paradox. A time of harvest and bounty as well as a time of withering and death. 

Our precious skin is not immune to the changes in the air. So what can we do to best care for it during this time of year?

Stay Active

When Autumn rolls around we are tempted to adopt a less-active lifestyle. This means our skin is not getting needed blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells in the skin. In addition to oxygen delivery, blood flow helps to flush toxins and free radicals from your cells. So while your favorite Summer activities may be out of the question, consider hitting the gym, hot yoga, or your favorite fitness class and keep that oxygen flowing!

Avoid the Comfort Sweets

Pumpkin pie anyone? Autumn comfort eating is sooo good but it can exasperate acne by increasing hormones in the body that are responsible for oil production. Opt instead for your favorite healthy treat... our favorite Turmeric Tea Recipe is the perfect option.

Use Peppermint

Our supercharged Purity Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic contains wild crafted botanicals + peppermint + wild desert honey to combat inflammation; keeping breakouts at bay without drying out your skin. The wild crafted herbal tincture along with alpha lipoic acid and peppermint stimulates blood flow for healthy skin turnover.

Hibernate (not really)

Ok so we don't advise you take it to the extreme but with the days getting shorter, your body starts producing melatonin earlier, a natural sleep hormone as well as a super beneficial antioxidant. While you sleep your body is miraculously reversing inflammation and free radical damage through cellular renewal. This process is eliminating the stress hormone cortisol which can cause skin to thin. Nature is giving you permission to indulge in a little more sleep, and who are we to argue with nature?

Pass The Honey

Autumn air is dry. The dryer the air the more moisture is sucks from your skin causing flaky, dry skin. It may also trigger eczema. This means your skin has to work harder to ward off dehydration; surprisingly, this is even true for oily skin. Honey Bee mask is the perfect solution. It harnesses everything your skin needs to glow. Our miraculous of wild desert honey, aloe, and potent wild crafted desert botanicals create a hydraulic motion that quickly rebuilds moisture levels in the skin. You will love how hydrated and glowing your skin feels after just a single use.

Exfoliate That Furnace Air Away

We're not about to find out what cold nights feel like without our central air pumping, but ultimately it takes toll on our skin. All that hot, dry air causes capillaries to contract and expand, resulting in a dry, red complexion. Low humidity in the air causes water to rapidly evaporate from the skin, causing build up and resulting in dull, flaky skin. Dead skin cells accumulating on the surface act as an impenetrable shield, preventing your skin from receiving moisture and nourishment.

We Love The Changes In Season

But our skin prefers a constant environment and it's not shy about showing by throwing a fit or two. Use these tips to keep your beautiful skin feeling hydrated and happy. When you don't have to worry about your skin, you have more time to wander down dirt paths strewn with boldly colored leaves, breathe the crisp air, and like the ancients, worship this gorgeous time of year.