How I got Youthful Looking Skin the Healthy Way

How I got Youthful Looking Skin the Healthy Way

I don't know about you, but I don't even want to be 20. I am in my forties and I earned my stripes. I look forward to all the wit and wisdom I have yet to gain. But I'm not about to let it all go to hell in a hand basket. I won't obsess about every wrinkle and fine line, but I'm also going to do my best to look my best at every stage of life. 

That's where Honey Dew Youth Nectar comes in. It is literally superfood for your skin. Freshly juiced, potent botanicals offer your skin what it need for a glowing complexion. That's what we all want anyway, regardless of age, we want that glow which is usually associated with youth. What if I told you you could have glowing, firm, supple skin now?

Application is Key

It's like painting a wall, the method you use affects how well the paint adheres and looks, right? Well, with Honey Dew Youth Nectar, you apply it with a gentle tapping motion that allows it to be optimally absorbed and utilized by your skin for the best possible results. Learn more about application here.

No More Hyperpigmentation + Discoloration

If this is a struggle you have, then we have something in common. Use Honey Dew daily to diminish signs of sun damage and spots. I experience hyperpigmentation in the summer and Honey Dew has been a lifesaver.

Brighten Your Skin

One of the characteristics of youthful skin is a certain brightness. For a quick and effective brightening treatment, mix Honey Dew with Ashes to cleanse your face. Make sure you get the right consistency. Learn more about how to mix Ashes.

As a Makeup Primer

Embracing the botanical power of Honey Dew will make you feel like going makeup free more often, but if you are a die hard foundation girl, do I have a tip for you! Use Honey Dew as a natural makeup primer. Simply do your regular routine and apply Honey Dew on top your moisturizer for a beautifully smooth blank canvas. Your makeup will go on better and stay put longer.

Environmental Protection

Honey Dew actually acts as a porous shield against wrinkle-causing free radical damage. It lets your skin breathe while keeping the yucky stuff out. Applying Honey Dew in the morning not only improves your complexion, but it acts like a sort of mask, blocking environmental toxins from entering your precious pores.

As a Lighter Moisturizer

During certain times of the year, or while on vacation in a tropical climate, you might feel like you want a light moisturizer. Honey Dew can double as a facial moisturizer in this case. Mix Honey Dew with a few drops of Electric Sky Universal Elixir or Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser for a little bit more moisture and you are good to go!

How to get the most out of Honey Dew

Honey Dew certainly is a versatile, powerhouse product with so many ways to draw from its botanical powers.

Go be wild. Be free. With love from the desert wilds. XOXO