Going it solo. Road tripping essentials.

Going it solo. Road tripping essentials.

The solitude of the open road calls to me. I think it’s the freedom to do exactly what I please, and feeling the vastness of open space that I love most. For me, a solo road trip is an opportunity for growth, insight and learning. Each new experience promises adventure, new people and new places. If you’re new to the idea of venturing out solo into the wild for a while, I have a few tips I’ve picked up over the years to help you navigate the journey.

Plan ahead & tell your people.

Details are important and knowing where you will be sleeping, eating and fueling up will keep you from stressing out on the road. Remember, this is supposed to be a relaxing time and a lady sitting on the side of the road is less than ideal. There are many things that will surprise you on a road trip but one of them shouldn’t be discovering how uncomfortable sleeping in a parking lot can be. Make sure you let your friends and family know the details of your adventure and when to expect your return. While unplugging is a beautiful part of your adventure, you do need to check in regularly to let your loved ones know you're safe.

Document the journey.

Are you the type that likes to write, and maybe even sketch your adventures? Take your journal. Personally, I am more of the point and shoot type so my camera is my road trip companion and confidant. I love looking back on photographs of my experiences. Each image sparks a memory and a smile… or maybe a gasp :) Some I share. Some are just for me.

Be a savvy road warrior.

Ladies of the road need to make sure they are visiting a safe location and have access to necessities like lodging, food and fuel. Do your research and be aware of your surroundings. Never venture into isolated places where you will be alone and without help should you need it. Use your smarts.

Don’t forget the essentials.

If you’ve done it a few times, you know what a drag lugging around extra baggage is. But in my opinion it’s worse to exclude the essentials. An extra blanket, socks and underwear may be more obvious - don’t rule out grabbing that “old-school” road atlas or flashlight. I’ve never been on a road trip where I haven’t used one of them.

Now, if I HAD to take just one skincare essential with me on the road (and I don’t), I’d take body cream. In a pinch, I can wash my face by repeatedly splashing fresh water on it (like 15-20 splashes is great) and using Indigo as my face moisturizer. The one thing I can’t live with is cracking, dry legs. Ick – literally can’t sleep. And what fun is a wild new adventure when you’re too tired to enjoy it?

Stop and smell the roses.

This is your time. Don't be in such a rush to get to your destination you forget to stop and take in the little things. Pull over whenever inspiration strikes. Have a cup of coffee with the locals, eat pie at the cutest little roadside diner, snap a pic of that insane cactus on the side of the road. It's the journey not the destination.

Wishing you all a new adventure!