How To Get That Glowy Summer Skin

How To Get That Glowy Summer Skin

Effortless, glowy summer skin is what we all want. Life in the desert has certainly taught us a thing or two about how to stay fresh and vibrant during the most extreme months. Today we are sharing our top 5 skincare tips to keep your skin fresh and clear all summer long!

1. Exfoliate.

Sweat, higher temps, humidity, and too much sun can do a number on your skin. Don't be afraid to bump up your exfoliation routine. The trick is to use something gentle so that you aren't causing damage. You may have noticed we use the word "polish", not "scrub", to describe our face and body exfoliant. Sand Red Mineral Polish is a powerful yet gentle exfoliant that does just what it says – polishes your skin to a beautiful natural glow.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

We know, you hear it all the time but your body needs a whole lot of water to carry out its basic daily functions – between 3 and 5 liters. So when faced with extra heat and sunburn, your skin gets really dehydrated if you don't increase your water intake. We love to start the day off with a boost of hydration. Here are our favorite infused water recipes to keep you cool, hydrated and radiant.

3. Carry A Mist

Looking for a summer romance? Then you will fall hard for Breeze Revival Mist. This little darling fits perfectly in your bag and can be applied to your hair, face and body any time you need a boost of hydration or a kiss of refreshment. If you wear makeup, you can spritz it on top so you don't look too matte. Breeze is also amazing to guard against breakouts and quickly calms and cools your sun-kissed skin – bonus!

4. Use a light-weight moisturizer

Summer is the perfect time to swap out your face oils or heavier creams for a light, liquid serum. After cleansing, apply a light layer of Honey Dew Youth Nectar by lightly tapping it into the skin and neck area. It penetrates deep and lasts all day to nourish and protect your skin from the summer elements. This delicate facial treatment is loaded with minerals and superfoods that will not only help your skin recover faster but you will feel an instant cooling and calming sensation that feels so so good in the summer.

5. Bathe with Body Oils

The addition of a body oil to your evening bath will soothe and rejuvenate your skin. We love to apply Lomi Lomi (magnolia & coconut) to the entire body BEFORE entering the bath. Are you new to this concept? We have a blog all about this beloved "oil bathing" technique. Just 10 minutes soaking in the tub will loosen tired muscles, calm the mind and rejuvenate over-heated, tired skin. This is your glow time!