How Scent Evokes Love

How Scent Evokes Love

Have you ever been transported back to a particular time and place by scent? The smell of rain in the dessert always reminds me of hiking with my sister when we were kids. The smell of lavender reminds me of my great aunts beach house. And probably there are certain scents that, when you encounter them, spark a memory for you. It's no coincidence, it's science.

Our noses have thousands of smell receptors that change based on what we are smelling at the time. We are smelling odors all day long. But we don't associate any real importance to them unless they are associated with a memory.

Smell is vital when it comes to attraction between two people. Scientific studies show that our personal odors is an important factor as to how we identify perspective mates. In fact, some scientists theorize that kissing actually started with sniffing. And kissing comes from the primal behavior of sniffing and tasting our partner to determine if they are a match.

We all want to be remembered, and if scent is an important part of memory, then it makes sense to pay close to attention to our personal scent. Do you have a signature scent? Would your lover catch a whiff and be transported back to you? If not, we suggest you figure out what types of scents you are naturally attracted to based on your personality. It stands to reason that your mate will also be attracted to similar scents.

Once you have, and regularly wear, your own signature scent, it will be that much easier for your lover to be drawn back to you though smell. Your partner will associate those lovely notes with you and your love. And you will add another level of connection via one of the powerful five senses.

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