Why Your Skin Loves a Toner

Why Your Skin Loves a Toner

We hear it a lot. You want to skip the toner in order to simplify your skincare routine. Believe me, we are all about simplifying, but toner is not something that should be removed from your life for the sake of simplicity. It's important and here's why... While some toners (definitely not ours) are indeed superfluous, ours (Breeze & Purity) have very specific and beneficial purposes.

Good Medicine Skincare is designed to benefit you in three ways: RELEASE, RESTORE, and RECEIVE. Toners fall into the second category, restore. First, you cleanse. The botanical ingredients in our cleansers actually signal to the skin to wakeup and release toxins, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants. After cleansing, it is imperative to signal to your skin when it is time to STOP this active state of releasing. That's what our toners are for!

When you apply Breeze or Purity, you are providing your skin with nourishing botanicals that help restore your skin's natural pH, fight bacteria, and regulate sebum production. You are also giving your skin a specially formatted signal that it is time to stop releasing and start preparing to receive nourishment.

About Breeze

Breeze Revival Mist is perfect if you are dealing with aging, sensitive, or dry skin. It is formulated with desert sage and juniper berry to strengthen your skin's integrity and smooth and brighten your complexion. (also read: An Intuitive Ritual for Aging Skin & An Intuitive Ritual for Dry Skin). It protects against inflammatory breakouts and balances the skin's natural pH.

About Purity

Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic is perfect if you are dealing with oily or acne prone skin. It's formulated with dandelion and peppermint to be antibacterial and regulate sebum production. That's why it is ideal for treating acne (also read: How I Got Rid of Adult Acne once and for all & An Intuitive Ritual for Acne Prone Skin & How I Healed Teenage Acne). It clears dead skin cells and toxins, promotes new cell production, and has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Purity Perfectly Clear Skin Tonic

Prepare To Receive

Using a toner (Purity/Breeze) is the first step in receiving the benefits of our serums and moisturizers. So many love the effects of Honey Dew, Electric Sky, and Clarity. But what if we told you that you will receive even more benefits, when you prepare your skin first with a toner? It's true. When you include this critical step in your beauty routine you will notice the difference immediately.

So next time you are tempted to skip the toner, remember, your skin really loves it.