How do I know if my skin is too dry?

You know your skin is dry if it's dull, has rough patches, at times can be flaky or peel. Pronounced fine lines and an ashy or red skin tone are also clues.

Summon soft, fluffy rain clouds.

Surprisingly, dry skin isn't actually about lack of moisture. It's actually about damage done to your skin's natural moisture barrier. When caring for dry skin, it is critical to avoid over exfoliation or using harsh cleansers, acids, or chemicals on your skin. The key: encourage and strengthen your skin’s natural processes. Do this by using gentle, moisturizing products that allow the skin to repair and renew. Simple changes to your skincare routine can and turn dry, lackluster skin into soft, supple, glowing skin.

These carefully chosen intuitive blends are especially helpful during the cold, dry months when skin is parched and is begging for replenishing moisture and nutrients. They are soothing upon contact and will allow damaged, overly dry skin to come back to center.

Intuitive blends for dry or lackluster skin

Breeze is dry skin's superhero.

When to use it? When skin feels dry, we recommend treating it with Breeze. This "super hero" feeds your skin certain nutrient-rich elements, which help to nourish your skin's naturally occurring microbiome, and keeps the skin plump and fresh. Carry it with you and spritz whenever your skin can use a little pick-me-up.
  • After every cleanse.
  • Anytime you need extra glow.
  • Over your makeup.
  • In the afternoon when you need a pick-me-up.

Basically, you should just carry it with you at all times ;)

Why we love it: Microbiome is everything when it comes to healthy skin. If you don't have healthy microbiome on your skin, it won't look, feel, or be healthy. This is good bacteria we're talking about and you don't want to strip it from your face. Your personal microbiome is your greatest defense against dry skin and will set the stage for your creams and serums to effectively penetrate the skin and do their job.

How to use it: Spritz Breeze over the face or pour just a little of the precious fluid into your palm. Touch your hands together. Then, using your fingers like a brush, stroke your skin in an upward motion, leaving little droplets of moisture behind as you move to firm, refresh and revive like a gentle breeze. This application will restore the skin’s delicate protective mantle.

Sand + Honey Bee = Plumping Face Mask

When to use it: When your skin is dull and begging for exfoliation and hydration. Use this mixture once or twice a week gently polish and reveal fresh skin.

Why we love it: This nutrient-dense compound clears the skin, delivers moisture, and immediately improves skin tone. Skin instantly becomes plump, hydrated and refreshed.

How to blend: A dollop of Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish + a dollop of Honey Bee Revelation Mask
  • Lightly apply the prepared mixture to dry skin with fingertips or a masking brush.
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • Slightly wet your hands before moving your fingertips in gentle circular motions over the skin for about 30 seconds, turning the mask into a creamy exfoliating compound. Take care not to press too hard into the skin.
  • Remove with a warm moist washcloth.
  • While the skin is still damp, apply a few spritzes of Breeze.

Rain + Honey Dew = Gentle Face Hydrator

When to use it: When skin is thirsty, dry, and could use some major hydration. Use this mixture after spritzing with Breeze and before applying Clarity Awakening Face Cream.

Why we love it: Superfoods and powerful oils create a lightweight blend that quickly hydrates and forms a breathable layer of protection from the elements. Using this blend before applying Clarity will pull your face cream deep into the skin, resulting in soft supple skin that lasts all day.

How to blend: 1 pump Honey Dew Youth Nectar + 1 pump of Rain Replenishing Oil Cleanser
  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Rain.
  • Apply a few spritzes of Breeze Revival Mist to aid penetration of creams and serums and to cool the skin.
  • Apply the prepared mixture of Rain and Honey Dew to the entire face and neck area using your fingertips in light tapping motions until it's completely married to the skin.

Rain + Clarity = Recovery Night Cream

When to use it: Use this luscious blend to rehydrate and rejuvenate overnight.

Why we love it: Adding oils to your face cream transforms it into a restorative powerhouse. Dry skin loves this combo and will sing its praises.

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Rain before bed. (If you were wearing makeup you will want to repeat your cleanse.)
  • Apply a few pumps of Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic and feel your skin tingle with freshness.
  • Apply the prepared mixture of Rain and Clarity to the entire face and neck area using your hands to gently press (not rub!) this gorgeous blend into the skin. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe, setting the intention for a peaceful sleep and deep healing.

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