How I Healed Teenage Acne Part Two

How I Healed Teenage Acne Part Two

My son recently turned fourteen. It was several months ago when I wrote How I Healed Teenage Acne. He and I have learned a few new things since then. I want to tell you about them so you can share the success we've had at keeping the dreaded teenage breakouts at bay.

At the time I wrote the first installment of this series (can I call it that?) he was using Sand Mineral Polish and Electric Sky Universal Elixir. The Electric Sky worked miracles for getting rid of the strange and constant redness under his nose. He continues to use Electric Sky and it has never come back. I think it was some sort of fungus (not a fun thought). It's gone now but that thought still gives me the creeps. The Sand works great for softening his skin and exfoliating the icky stuff that was clogging his pores. But I had yet to perfect (or get close to perfecting) his routine. 

Here's the thing, his teenage skin (and even my adult skin) is constantly changing, adjusting to hormones, the environment, eating habits... you name it. That's why at Good Medicine, we ascribe to the idea of intuitive skincare. That means being flexible and listening to your intuition when it comes to what your skin needs in the moment. This is a little more challenging to do for someone else than it is to do for yourself. I mean, have you ever tried to have a conversation with a teenage boy? Nevertheless, I persisted and this is what I figured out.

While the Sand and Electric Sky are awesome, he needed even more help.

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What I Added to his Routine

Ashes - I realized pretty quickly that he was over-exfoliating. He was using Sand morning and night. To be fair, I hadn't been explicit about how often to use Sand. I realized that he required a certain amount of coaching. What seemed obvious to me was not obvious to this kid. I had him start using Ashes as his regular cleanser and use Sand just once or twice a week. I instructed him that when he uses Sand, mix it with a little water in his hands and then spread it all over his face and let It sit for about 20 seconds to soften the skin... then rub gently (don't press) in a circular motion for about 20 more seconds.

Rain - I am a big believer in oil cleansing. It has changed my skin for the better and it is also helping my son's skin a ton, especially when he has a breakout. Read more about Why Oil Cleansing is Life Changing here. I won't go into detail here about why it's so amazing, but please do read that other blog post about it. Now when he has a breakout (it still happens from time to time) I have him massage his entire face with Rain for as long as he is willing (even up to about 20 minutes). It's does wonders for loosening up the gunk (not a technical term) clogging his pores.

Purity - Your skin loves a toner! Read here more about Why Your Skin Loves a Toner. If you, or someone you love, is dealing with acne-prone skin, we highly recommend Purity as a toner. Purity is anti-bacterial and regulates sebum production. I have my son apply it with a cotton round to his entire face after cleansing.

Electric Sky - Of course, he was using this previously... but I just had to throw it in because It has been such a life changer!

Clarity - He finishes his routine with a moisturizer, a foreign concept to a teenage boy. I taught him how to pat and press in the products rather than slap and rub, I think he's finally got the hang of it. Clarity is specially formulated to calm and clarify the skin. It's packed with anti-inflammatories, which are so helpful when treating acne.

When He Needs a Little Extra TLC

Two types of masks are super helpful when fighting acne: DETOXIFYING & HYDRATING.

Smudge - To get the gunk (again, super technical) out of his pores, we use Smudge Spirited Detox Mask. It's made with activated charcoal (sourced from coconut shells), Bentonite clay, and spirulina. We love it because it doesn't deplete the skin like so many other charcoal or clay masks. Just three minutes does the trick (perfect for a short attention span). You can also blend Smudge with Purity for an even more intense mask.

Honey Bee - During a breakout, or when treating acne-prone skin, hydration is so important. Honey Bee Revelation Mask is made with raw wild honey, apple pectin, and juniper berries. These powerful botanical ingredients work to soothe and regenerate the skin. It's a miracle worker for red, irritated skin. And the essentials oils in Honey Bee are antiseptic and purifying.

I hope these tips will help you combat acne as much as they have helped me. From my desert home to yours. XOXO