So You Want To Gift Skincare...

So You Want To Gift Skincare...

Under certain circumstances gifting skincare is risky business. But with great risk comes great reward; you may be on the brink on becoming the one who changed their life for the better. Imagine you; the giver of beauty, the skin whisperer, the wrinkle slayer.

If you choose to accept this challenge, you are in luck because Good Medicine is literally made for everyone. You really can't mess this up. While there are a few champions that combat specific skin conditions, the entire collection is masterfully designed to nourish every body and every skin condition. We've gathered our most gift-able items below so that you stay on safe, and very appropriate ground.

Category 1: They wouldn't buy it for themselves, but they should.

Body products are always a safe bet. People actually expect to receive them and it's a great way to treat someone that needs a little pampering (and who doesn't?). When in doubt go for a subtle restorative body cream like Indigo. The scent is both unisex and understated so even the pickiest loved one will welcome it into their daily routine. If your receiver is into a little more luxury, checkout our selection of aromatic body oils. Body oils are super popular these days as they are as useable as they are indulgent.

Body Oils

Category 2. Everyone loves a great mask.

Masks of almost any kind are a chic gifting option. Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask is universally loved for its incredible smell and comforting ingredients. Every face loves it and it can be a quick 1 minute mask or a home spa experience. Smudge is a spirited charcoal mask thats bursts and bubbles when water is added. A really good time for the skin! Don't overthink it – self-care is a great gift.

Good Medicine Intuitive Sk

Category 3. The whole family can use it.

Everyone has an ache or pain from time to time. We formulated Muscle Balm for the family that needs something on hand that not only relieves aches and pains but helps to ease a stubborn cough, headache or nausea. From neck pain to menstrual cramps, Muscle Balm has an application. It truly is a valuable gift that should be in every plant-powered medicine cabinet. 

The Weary Traveler Survival Kit

Still undecided?

Try these!

Mini Botanical Perfumes: We offer 6 magical plant-based perfumes. Did you know that we unconsciously choose a scent that is similar to our biological signature? It's true. Here's a really useful article to guide you in selecting the perfect scent based on the personality of your loved one. 

Starter Sets are curated by skin condition. You may want to save this idea for someone you are really close to or share a lot of DNA with – especially if you plan to give the Peacemaker Set that targets acne. We're just trying to spare you an awkward conversation.

A gift card is super thoughtful and generous but allows them to choose.

Happy gifting, wild thing!

Botanical Perfumes