Transitioning Your Skincare into Autumn

Transitioning Your Skincare into Autumn

When Summer fades to Fall we trade our flip flops (Tevas in my case) for boots and sneakers. We adjust, we always seem to change our habits along with the seasons. And this is also the case for our skincare. This transition, delicious as it is, requires some attention and care.


Sun damage leads to dead cell buildup on your skin. Using Sand Red Desert Mineral Polish to exfoliate, both your body and your face, will gently get rid of this buildup and unveil a healthier, glowing complexion. Yes! You can and should use Sand all over your body... that's why the bottle is so large. Hint, hint. Discover more about Exfoliation.

Don't Strip your Skin

Make sure you are cleansing gently. You may want to try a double cleansing method: starting with cleansing with Ashes and ending with an oil cleanse with Rain to retain more moisture. Discover more about Oil Cleansing.


With the change of season you may notice more dryness. It's the perfect time to create a heavier moisturizer by adding Rain to your Clarity. Just a couple drops (or as much as your intuition tells you) will do the trick. Electric Sky Universal Elixir is also a lifesaver when it comes to treating dry skin. Adding Electric Sky to Clarity is a gorgeous intuitive blend.

Deeply Moisturize!

Can you tell we are serious about hydration? In the cooler months, it is so important to do deeply hydrating treatments for your skin. You can use Honey Bee Revelation Mask to deeply moisturize as often as needed because it is so gentle. Discover more about using Honey Bee to deeply hydrate and replenish.

The Rain Maker Set includes everything you need to transition your skincare into Autumn.

 More Tips...

  • Vitamin C is your friend. Ashes is packed full of Vitamin C... try using it several different ways (Click Here) to give your skin a much-needed boost!
  • Don't stop using your SPF (hopefully with clean ingredients) you still need to protect your skin from harmful rays. And keep wearing that hat!
  • Be aware of any allergic reactions. Fall brings abundant beauty but can also bring an increase in environmental allergies. 

From our desert home to yours... with love. XO.